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Human upper jaw segment

Juvenile snapping turtle skull

Human Femurs

Three currently available.

Human vertebrae

Two interlocking segments (C1 &C2 vertebrae)

Asmat tribal skull

Private Collection

Tibetan kapala

Deities inlaid with braided copper and silver.


Private collection.

Fully articulated human foot.

WW2 - Child's Gas Mask

Vintage dental mouth gag

Circa 1930.

Antique Trepine

Cica. 1920, 8mm blade.

Bull Elk skull

46" x 53" (European mount)

Human long bones.

Humerus, Ulna, Radius, Tibia and Fibula available.

Human rib bone

Used breast augmentation sizers

Each of these pairs were used up to five times. Available in pairs or singular.

Human fetal pelvis.

This specimen was found under a church in Spain, during renovations. Circa. 1890. Private Collection.

Antique pile remover.

Circa 1920.

Vintage vaginal speculum

Circa 1940.

Antique urethra reamers.

Circa 1920, set of four.

Antique male catheter

complete with insertion wire. Circa 1920.

Piece of the Mount Carmel Temple foundation.

Waco, Texas. Private Collection.

Used orthopedic screws.

Antique tooth clamps

Miscellaneous antique dental tools

Complete human Frankenstein finger

All three phalanx's from different donors

Human Frankenstein inner ear

The malleus, incus, and staper are each from different donors. Medical grade.

Miscellaneous antique poison bottles.

Human C7 vertebrae.

Medical grade

Concrete pieces from Alcatraz wall.

Private Collection.

Human arm (lower).

Victorian era, fully articulated

Stone found under Elizabeth Short's headstone.

Private Collection

Wilda-beast mount.

Circa 1950. Private Collection.

Human Foot.

Fully articulated, two phalanges missing. Circa. 1850

Taxidermy chick painting Pogo the Clown.

Private Collection.

Gray Whale vertebrae.

Private Collection.

1924 Shock horror paperback.

Human teeth.

Bulk pricing available.

Used artificial leg.

Circa 1940, excellent condition. All original leather strapping.

Victorian era creepy porcelain doll set

Angel Resendiz hair / Aileen Wuornos, death row worn panty swatch.

Bonnie Parker sweater swatch.

Private Collection.

Functioning, portable electroshock / violet ray machine.

Circa 1920

First edition serial killer books.

Private Collection.

Human torso.

Fully articulated, Victorian era, beautifully crafted hardware.

Artificial Hip Joint.

This specimen was recovered from a cremation.

Fully articulated rabbit skeleton.

(cage not included)

WW1 RMAC Field Surgeons Kit

Excellent condition

Feral Boar Skull (Oklahoma)

Perfect condition

19th century dental bellows

Small piece (80mm x 95mm of human upper jaw.