SHHS Driver's Ed 

Notice: if you want your license by a certain date please take a class and finish 1-2 months prior to that date.  Please read the information below for all the requirements and procedures to obtain a license.  The classes below are hybrid classes that include mandatory seat time at SHHS and also time online.  

Classes are held in room E104

Prior classes are all full 

Sept 3rd 5:30 am room E104 

You will not be reminded when your class begins-make a note when you sign up.

Once completing the class you will automatically go to the range/road waiting list.  The wait is 1 month or so. 

Zero Fatalities Mandatory Parent/Guardian Meeting   

 Each session will have one in-person Parent Meeting the second day of class. If you are unable to attend this Parent meeting you may: (1) attend another in-person Parent Night at SHHS or another location, or (2) attend a webinar Parent Night. You can find schedules for other in-person and webinar Parent Nights here.

Upcoming Parent Meetings at SHHS:

June 4th 5:00 pm, July 9th 5:00 pm, July 31st 8:00 am, Sept 5th 6:00 am


If you completed the class online and you want to do Range/Road at SHHS you must be a student at SHHS Salem Jr or live in those boundaries.   You will not get to the range/road any faster than a student who took the class at school.  You need to pay $81 AND send picture of you permit, a phone number that receives texts and the receipt number to  You will NOT be on the range list until you do this.  Wait time is about 1-2 months.  

The following schools are approved for the online Driver's Ed Class:

The online courses are separate from our program at SHHS.  The Driver's Ed program and the SHHS counselors do not sign you up.  Enrolling and taking a course from one of the above courses is completely on your own.  

If you took a class from one of the following PRIVATE companies below, you CANNOT take range/road through SHHS.  You will need to finish road privately: 

If you attended one of the private companies above, YOU CANNOT COMPLETE RANGE/ROAD THROUGH SHHS.  Utah Driver Education Law & Policy states, "Student course work from a private driving school shall not transfer to a public driver education program." 

This means:

If you take the classroom portion of driver education through a PRIVATE company, you CANNOT take range/road through SHHS.  There are different state requirements for public education and private driver education classes.

If you attended the classroom portion of driver education through a private company and want to take range/road through SHHS, you will have to TAKE the classroom portion of driver education again,  through SHHS before you can start range/road.  You will also have to pay the $100 driver ed fee and follow the sign up process we have at SHHS.

How to sign up for Driver's Ed:

1. Obtain a driver's permit at the DLD by passing the permit test. 

2. Pay the fee $100 fee online at (Note: 9th graders can pay online but you will need to call the SHHS finance office in order to be added).  You'll need the receipt number for step 2.

3. Sign up for a class by clicking on a month below-AFTER having obtained a driver's permit AND paid the $100. 

Additional Important Info:


1. Obtain a Learner Permit (Drivers License Division) starting at age 15. Current cost is $19.

2. Register for Drivers Education class (Pay $100 fee online at or to the finance office-write down the receipt number, then sign up for a class using the sign up sheets above.)  

3. Attend 3 week class, 1 week range and 3 days of road practice with instructor.  During the school year classes begin at 5:30 am in room E104. 

4. Complete online *Safety and Trends Exam (not given in class, must do on your own).

5. Complete 40 hours practice driving time with parent/guardian (10 night hours required). 

6. Finalize license at Driver License Division once student is at least 16 years old and has completed all the above.


First, pay $100 Fee online at or in the Finance Office (note: 9th graders must pay in the finance office). You must have already obtained a Driver's Permit-you will need the permit number when registering for the class. 

Second, go to one of the links above and sign up for one of the monthly classes.


Attention parents & students. Utah State Legislature has added a 40 question written exam each person applying for a Utah state drivers license must pass with 100% accuracy before they can receive a license. Each person can take the test as many times as needed in order to pass. You can go back and review any question missed. This new law went into effect 01/01/2016. The website needed for this state exam is listed below.  This test is done on your own, not with the Driver's Ed class.


The Drivers Education Department at Salem Hills High School will be offering classes each month during the 2019-2020 school year. We must have 35 students to hold a class, so the dates each month are dependent on when 35 students are registered. 

Certificates: Students will be given a certificate when they successfully complete the entire course including the driving portion. Certificates are not required at the DLD. They are only given as a courtesy. All driving and classroom records are now tracked online through the DLD. 

Driver License Information

Age: A student may start a Driver Education class at SHHS no sooner than fifteen years of age and must have a valid state learner permit. A student may not receive a Utah Driver License until they are at least sixteen years of age.

State Requirements: A student must go to the Driver License Division (DLD) and successfully pass a written, eye test, and mental fitness test. A learner permit is valid for one year from date of issue and requires a nonrefundable fee of $19.00. A student must possess a learner permit for at least 6 months and pass a driver education course before they can apply for a driver license.

Learner Permit: Once a learner permit is obtained, a student may immediately begin to drive. The student may only operate a class D motor vehicle, and must have an approved driving instructor occupying the seat beside the student, or the student’s parent or legal guardian, who is at least 21 years of age and a licensed driver, sitting next to the student.

Utah Drivers License Division: Learner Permit

Nighttime Driving

A person, with a permit or driver’s license, younger than 17 years of age, whether a resident or nonresident of Utah, may not operate a motor vehicle upon any public roadway in Utah between the hours of 12:00 am and 5:00 am. A driver younger than 17 may drive between these hours under the following exception:

Other Driving Restrictions:

A person may not operate a motor vehicle upon any public roadway with any passenger who is not an immediate family member of the driver until:


All individuals under the age of 18 years of age applying for the first time must complete 40 hours of driving a motor vehicle, of which at least 10 hours must be night-time hours. The hours of driving in an approved driver education course may be counted as part of this requirement. A parent or guardian must certify to the completion of this requirement when applying for a license.

Obtaining a driver license involves eight simple steps:

If you have any questions please email Eric Macdonald.

Thank you!