Term 1:

Self-Reported Grades/Student Expectations

Term one's focus is on self-reported grades/student expectations. Hattieā€™s research identifies self-reported grades/student expectations as having the largest effect size on student achievement (1.44). We would love every teacher to participate in our school-wide effort to implement John Hattie's research.

Now that your department has brain stormed ways to use self-reported grades it is time to implement it in your individual classrooms. The first step is to submit a plan. This shouldn't take long. Simply answer the few questions on THIS form to get yourself started. At the end of the term, after implementing your plan and monitoring your results, fill out THIS final form to self-evaluate and share your results.

Any teacher that participates in both the planning and evaluation survey will be entered into a drawing for a gift certificate. Any teacher that participates in three of the four term planning and implementation projects will be entered into a final drawing for prizes.

Due Dates for Term 1:

I will send out reminders about due dates.

This is not meant to overhaul your teaching or to add significantly to your workload. Impactful change and visible learning can come from small , simple changes.

Remember, good teaching is not an accident!

Self-reported Grades/Student Expectations Resources: