Driver Education

Payson High School

Coordinator: Justin Meyer

Registration: Rebekah Hanks

Classroom Instructor: Justin Meyer

Driving Instructor: Jeff Alexander

Driving Instructor: Sam Ford

Driving Instructor: Gary Mathewson

Driving Instructor: Jeff Chidester

Pre-registration available on the Calendar tab.

The Department of Public Safety Driver License Division in cooperation with the Nebo School District and Payson High School provides a comprehensive driver education course. We offer an inexpensive course taught before and after school for your convenience. While the Driver Education course we provide will teach your child about the rules, regulations, and techniques of driving the primary responsibility of teaching new drivers falls squarely on the shoulders of their parents or legal guardians. We are excited to join with you in teaching your child how to be a safe and responsible driver.

The Payson High Driver Education Course is $100 and includes 27 hours of classroom instruction, 3 hours of classroom make-up time (if needed), 12 hours of range driving and observation time, 6 hours of road driving and observation time, and one Driving Exam attempt. Students who complete an online driver education class* and only need to complete range and road driving through Payson High will be assessed a fee of $81. These students will be put on a waiting list for an available range/road slot.

The Classroom

Payson High's classroom portion is taught by Justin Meyer. Please contact him if you have any questions regarding the classroom portion of the course.

The state of Utah mandates that students must attend 27 hours of driver education instruction. Nebo School District and Payson High School takes this requirement very seriously. Students who miss classroom time will be required to make-up that time at a later date, possibly delaying their obtaining a driver license. Because of this strict requirement, attendance issues and the consequences of tardiness are described below.

  • Attendance
    • Students who miss class MUST make up the time at a later date
    • Students who miss more than 6 hours of class will be dropped from the course. If they wish to sign up for a future session they may be required to repay the $100 registration fee
    • 2 hours worth of make-up time will be provided at the conclusion of the class (times and dates to be announced at the beginning of each course). Additional hours can be made up by attending future driver ed classes at no cost to the student
    • Class will start on time and attendance will be taken. Students who are late will be required to make up the amount of time they missed rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes
  • Attentiveness
    • Students who are disengaged during class (primarily those who fall asleep or who are on their phones/Chromebooks when they are not supposed to be) will receive a verbal warning for the first offense, and then be required to make-up 15 minutes of class time for each additional offense

Driving Range

The driving range provides a wonderful opportunity for students to practice skills in a controlled environment. Many of these skills that students practice will be part of their final Driving Exam that must be passed prior to obtaining a license.

Due to the limited space on the driving range, students will be split into two range groups. Every step will be taken to accommodate students in the range group that best fits their schedule. However, the groups need to be as equal in size as possible and some students may not be in their desired group. Preference will be given based on the order that students registered for the course.

Time spent on the driving range is extremely difficult to make-up. If a student does miss a range class, they will be put on a waiting list with a minimum wait time of four weeks (the next session). They will then be scheduled when and if a range time becomes available. This may involve an additional wait time as our spaces in range are usually filled to capacity.

Students who disobey rules or who otherwise put their passengers or other range drivers in danger will be dismissed from the course. They will not receive a refund and they will not be allowed to take Driver Education from Nebo School District.

Road Driving

After spending twelve hours of driving/observing on the range, students will make arrangements with their driving instructor to drive on the road. If a student misses an arranged drive time they will be required to reschedule with their driving instructor and pay $22 for each hour they need to make up.

At the conclusion of the road driving, the student will take a Driving Exam administered by their driving instructor. This exam is the culmination of the Driver Education Course and must be passed in order to obtain your driver license. Students who do not pass the Driving Exam will be required to re-take the exam at the Driver License Division office they received their Learner Permit from. You will need to call ahead to make an appointment.

*For a list of online driver education courses you can go to the Utah Driver License Division website or click here.

† Students who are taking both the classroom portion and range/road at Payson High School are given priority over students who only take range/road. This means that students on the waiting list for range/road will not be assigned a driving session when they register for driver education but will be notified when an range/road slot is available.