Mr. Bates' Brainy Bunch


It is extremely important for you and your child to create positive routines related to their school experience. Arriving at school well rested and fed makes a world of difference! In regards to your students success avoid excessive absences, tardies, and pull outs. If a family vacation is planned, understand that the work missed needs to be completed. I realize life happens or illness occurs, but please try to avoid absences during the school year. If an absence is unavoidable, please take the responsibility and make sure you help your child complete missed work. As a teacher the time spent trying to get learners caught up is very taxing. Your help in this matter will help me to focus my attention on the whole class and not the few that have missed work. This will also position your child for the next days lessons as we progress through the year.

Management Plan

Thank you for trusting me with your fourth grader. I am so excited to be a part of your child’s educational experience this year.

My goal for this year is to create a safe learning environment for your child. I feel that our class will embrace and promote a plan that is developed and executed by them. My role will be to guide their discussion and make sure that appropriate and inappropriate behavior is dealt with consistently and fairly. To do this the students will define the word RESPECT. This will become our “Mission Statement.” From there they will establish three levels of positive and negative rules that our class will follow to support our “Mission Statement.” As the class learns to act and follow directions and show respect to each other,they will earn a monthly party. They will decide what the class reward will be. I will reward individuals for random acts of kindness and on task behavior as well.

Homework Folder

Your fourth grader will be bringing home their Homework Folder daily. There will be a Weekly Planner inside the folder that will list any homework that is due during each day. If you could check and initial it daily to make sure the work has been completed and to stay informed of any extra work that is due it will help your child to stay caught up. If you have questions or information I need to know about feel free to contact me by using the comment column on the Weekly Planner, calling 801-489-1800 before/after school, or e-mailing me at

A. Math - assignments nightly (10 problems or less)

  • Spot check math to make sure work is complete. Have them explain and teach you the concept we are working on. Play stump the parent. Have your child write a problem that you will need to solve it. Your child will need to correct it. If you get it right then you can create a problem for your child. Repeat the process.

B. Reading a least 20 minutes (five nights a week) This can be from the "Monthly Genre and Book Report"or the "Guided/Literature Book" or a book that he/she finds interesting.

  • Read aloud with your child and have them retell what is taking place (as needed). Look for inferences, cause and effect, compare and contrast or for a deeper comprehension of the story, etc...

C. Spelling 5 minutes (Monday - Thursday night)

  • Focus on words missed after the Monday Spelling Pretest. Chunk the word at the syllable or look for words within the word to help them spell correctly.

D. Other –Writing assignment that should have been completed in class.

The habits your children develop today will affect who they are tomorrow!