Miss Johnson's Class

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4th Grade Team Building 2017

On Friday August 25th the whole fourth grade came together to learn what it means to work together to succeed. We watched a clip from Finding Nemo where we learned a lot of lessons like: trust, courage, helping, working together, persevering, and many more. Our motto is "Keep Swimming" with things get hard and remember the power of "yet". I can't do something "YET"! After talking about all these great ideas we went to the gym to play a game called Mingle. Where the kids had to work together to get into groups when a number was called. A lot of lessons were learned during this game and I hope the students remember them. Here are a few pictures and video of the game.

4th grade mingle.mp4

Permission Slip

If you cannot find your child's permission slip for the field trips this year, just click on the form and print it out and send it in.

4th Grade Field Trip Permission Slip (1).pdf

Having Fun with Math!!

The students had to work together in math to create a shape using pattern blocks. Each student in the group had a clue (some clues were REALLY HARD!) that would tell them what shapes to use and how many. It took a lot of good communication, a lot of thinking and a few tries but they got it!