This year my open disclosure will not be printed and sent home. Please click on the Open Disclosure and read it through. Then fill out the student or parent form.

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Supplies needed for class - Please have these by Thursday Aug 23, 2018

A work completion grade will be given for having the correct supplies and on time.

  • Graphing Composition Notebook (you might need more than 1 depending on your handwriting) - We will use these most days, and will be turned in each unit. You will receive a test grade for your notebook. If you can't find a graphing book just get a regular composition book.
  • Pencils - please have a pencil or erasable pen (important to be able to erase - we all make mistakes)
  • folder - to keep assignments in - assignments are turned in weekly - so you need a place to keep them so they won't get lost.

optional - calculator (please don't plan on using your phone.), tape or glue stick, colored pencils.

Supplies Grading rubric

4 = Student has a graphing notebook, a pencil, and a folder (or spot in a binder) by Thursday August 23rd

3 = Student has a graphing notebook, a pencil and a folder (or spot in a binder) by Friday August 24th

2 = Student has 1 or 2 of the 3 items by Thursday or Friday August 22 or 23. OR has all three items after the 24th

Notebook Grading Rubric.docx