Northside By the Numbers

Northside Elementary is starting the journey to become a Data Driven school. We are doing this to help encourage students, parents, staff and the community to understand our stories. As part of this focus we have created a new data wall in the hallway leading to the gym that students can see every day, we will be talking to students about the data and what it means to them. You can also see the same data on this page along with additional data as we identify and post it.

The MAP assessment is an adaptive test that students in 1st and 2nd Grade take in the fall, winter and spring. We will update this graph after each testing window. The goal is to increase the numbers on these charts.

Nebraska state law requires schools to track student absences regardless of the reason, along with the times students are tardy. It is well documented that students who miss school struggle to learn. which is why we work to reduce the number of unnecessary absences of students during the year. This chart shows the total number of days students are absent during the month. It will not identify individual students as it shows the total number for the school of all students absent. Our goal is to reduce this number each month.

If we say student attendance is important and needs to be tracked then we must admit that Teachers presence in the classroom is equally or more important to students learning. We will therefore be tracking the total number of subs in the building during each month and reporting it here. Again our goal is to reduce that number each month.

PBiS or Positive Behavior Support is the primary behavior model utilized at Northside Elementary. As part of the program student behavior is tracked for staff to understand what and where problems are occurring to help us reteach or focus on a problem area. When behavior is a major enough offense it will be referred to the office for intervention. This chart shows the number of office referrals during the month. Again our goal is to help the kids self regulate and reduce this number.