Small Groups FALL 2018

Living Room: What is Faith? (Jumping In)

Sundays (Aug 12 thru Sept 16), 10-10:45am, Fellowship Hall

Are you new to the community, just uncovering this whole "faith" thing, or been around for decades? Well, you are invited to join us for a collaborative conversation around how to live faith practically. This is a great conversation to join if you want to meet new folks. Conversations will be centered around: God (faith as quest), Religion (spirituality is not enough), Salvation (abundant life now), Cross (where God is), Bible (a book like no other), and Church (an imperfect family).

Contact Tyler, our executive minister, for more information: 404-373-3367 x 105,

Letter of 1 John: A Church Finding Unity (Bible Study)

Wednesdays (Aug 8 thru Sept 12), 6:30-7:30pm, off-site at Decatur First UMC (300 E Ponce de Leon), Gathering Room

Have you ever wondered what the essentials of our faith are? A little fewer than 2000 years ago, the letter of First John was written to a faith community that was on the verge of schism into multiple sects. Various theologies and ethics were changing the focus of faith. Guess what, we still have a lot of competing beliefs and ethics! Join Patrick in a 6 week long conversation on the essentials of faith that we learn from John in his first letter to the church.

Contact Patrick, our senior pastor, for more information: 404-373-3367 x 101,

Crash Course: The Psalms (Deep Dive)

Thursdays (Aug 9 thru Sept 13), 7-8:30pm, Parlor

Whether you're interested in figuring out how to pray more deeply, learning the historical context of the Bible, or hearing how others connect with God, this Psalms study is for you. We'll spend six weeks working our way through the Psalter, discussing the structure of different psalm genres, working through their place in Israelite religious life, and imagining ways they connect to our own spirituality today.

Contact Rachel, a doctoral student in residence, for more information:

Practices of Prayer (Habits)

Sundays (Aug 12 thru Sept 23), 7-8:30pm, Sanctuary

Have you been searching for a way to deepen your prayer life? Our faith encourages us to find the “still small voice” of God, yet we are surrounded by distractions that make it nearly impossible to find any stillness. Join Patrick in a weekly practice of prayer. We will learn some healthy habits and practice them together.

Contact Patrick, our senior pastor, for more information: 404-373-3367 x 101,