Damage in Materials and Structures Lab

Research Methods - DAMS Lab

Welcome to the Damage in Materials and Structures (DAMS) lab at North Dakota State University. In our lab, we specialize in the fundamental aspects of detection, diagnosis, prevention, characterization, and modeling of damage in civil infrastructure. We address these problems by combining experimental studies with computational methods and Artificial Intelligence. Our mission is “to perform transformational research to improve the safety, durability, resilience, and sustainability of 21st-century civil infrastructure”. Some problems of immediate interest to us are: 1) to quantify and predict the multi-scale fatigue damage mechanisms in additively manufactured structural steels; 2) to synthesize bio-based materials to mitigate corrosion damage in rebars; 3) to predict the infection exposure levels of health care personnel working in COVID-19 makeshift hospitals; 4) to detect the early emergence of noxious weeds in corn fields, 5) to quantify the Cercospora leaf spot on sugar beet yield and 6) quantification and interpretation of cancer cell growth.


I am always looking for bright and motivated graduate students. If you are very passionate about research, have a positive outlook towards life and would like to pursue a long-term career in academia, please do not hesitate to contact me at ravi.kiran@ndsu.edu. Further details about openings in our lab can be found here.