• Bring BOTH your .stl and .makerbot files to your print time.
  • Please follow the format shown to the right when signing up for a printer.
  • Please start your print during office hours. (The times not grayed out)
  • The print can run longer than that, but the lab is locked when not staffed.
  • You MUST sign a user contract before you can use the printers. The on-duty TA will provide you with one if you have not done so yet this semester.
  • Priority may be given to class work over personal projects
  • If you cannot make any of these times, email one of the TA's and we will try to work something out.
  • If your print is longer than 8 hours, you must get approval from the TAs before signing up. Please email us your .stl and an explanation of the print.
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