Wind Turbine Research

Wind Energy Lab

The Notre Dame wind energy lab is an outdoor research facility that utilizes real world conditions to provide an environment to test rotor designs and control techniques.

The Center for Enhanced Wind Energy Design, titled “eWiND.” is seeking to develop revolutionary designs that involve “virtual aerodynamic shaping” for enhanced wind energy systems. The outdoor laboratory will provide a rich environment for multidisciplinary investigations including fluid dynamics, acoustics, fluid-structure interaction, design optimization, materials, failure modeling, system feedback and control, and atmospheric turbulence.

Although wind energy has long been recognized as a low-cost, clean source of electricity, substantial reductions in the cost of per kilowatt hour are needed for the technology to become competitive with fossil-powered generating technologies. The White Field wind turbine research laboratory is aimed at overcoming this obstacle through the design of advanced rotors that feature a Notre Dame-patented plasma flow control technology. The plasma actuators are designed to increase the energy capture of wind turbines without increasing the weight of the rotors.

Wind Turbines

The wind turbines include two JIMP 25 kW that are manufactured by Jonica Impianti, in Lazzano, Italy. The wind turbines have active yaw control, and will be modified to provide active yaw control.The rotor diameter is 10m (32.6 ft), the hub height is 18m (59 ft). The maximum height reached is 23m (74.5 ft)