Welcome to FlowPAC

Welcome to the University of Notre Dame Institute for Flow Physics and Control (FlowPAC).

The Institute was established in 2002. It has as its foundation a long tradition of aerodynamic research that can be traced back to the earliest days of man-powered flight. At its inception, FlowPAC consolidated the existing facilities, research and historical precedent of the original Aero-Space Lab and Hessert Laboratory into a common core of interests and abilities to address larger focused efforts. The over-arching theme of the Institute is flow diagnostics, prediction and control, that involves a process loop of computation, experiment and modeling. There is a strong emphasis on industry partnerships to identify flow control applications that can have an immediate impact, be technologically viable, and of economic interest. Core research areas consist of aero-acoustics, aero-optics, fluid-structure interactions, gas-turbine propulsion, multi-phase flows, wind energy, sensor and flow actuator development, and general flow control. The research is conducted in the Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research, and the White Field Laboratory. Combined, they provide 84,000 sq-ft for experimental facilities, and offices for faculty, graduate students, staff and visitors. At present FlowPAC receives funding from 11 government agencies, and works with 24 companies and small businesses. It involves 24 faculty in all of the departments in the College of Engineering, and supports 75 Ph.D. students.

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Thomas Corke