Grade 7 Language Arts

This website is a work in progress- I will be editing and adding to it throughout the next year. -Ms. G

November 11, 2018

We are mere weeks away from the end of our first trimester here at the junior high and I've found that everyone has settled in nicely.

Students are now familiar with expectations of my language arts class and they are now preparing to challenge themselves even more during Trimester two. The seemingly overwhelming number of new things that were placed before them have become routine so we can now emphasize individual growth areas even more.

We will be wrapping our introductory unit having attempted a writing piece from all five basic areas of nonfiction text structure (compare/contrast, description, cause & effect, sequence, and problem/solution). Additionally, we will composing our own narratives that will stretch into trimester two as we revise it to incorporate a great number of literary elements and GUM areas of emphasis.

I am planning on having students reach out to their parents to ensure that they are aware of all of the tools that are available to them to be "in the loop" about what we are learning, why we are learning it, and how they child is progressing in their individual learning.

As always, please be sure to reach out via email or phone if you ever have questions or concerns- open lines of communication are critical.

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September 22, 2018

It's officially fall in our beautiful Northeast Kingdom! It has been a whirlwind beginning of the year here at the junior high school and everyone is in some stage of adjustment to being in a new place with new people and lots of new expectations.

The first few weeks in language arts class have found us completing LOTS of assessments so that we can determine our course of baseline and begin challenging ourselves appropriately. We have spent a lot of time in class setting ourselves up for success and are now, hopefully, establishing good habits as we begin to work on curriculum. Among the various things that we have set up for ourselves and are starting to become familiar using are:

                • Our chromebooks- Each student is assigned their own and we learned our log on passwords and the expectations for responsible use and care.
                • School planners- Each student was given a calendar based planner that they are required to bring to every class. It is used to give them a hard copy of the classwork and due dates, upcoming events, etc in the hopes that they will plan out their weeks to ensure that they have considered how and when to complete their various inschool and outside of school activities.
                • Language Arts Notebooks- These are 3 ring binders that all students were asked to bring for Language arts use. They may take class notes, organize handouts, returned materials, etc in them.
                • Language Arts Journals- These single subject notebooks or composition books are separate from the notebooks and are only used for student writing, both in class and outside class practice work. Students learn to write assignment directions/expectations on the left hand page and "Write on the Right". These are often handed in to the class bin for sharing with others during in class activities and teacher review.
                • Google products- Google drive is our home base and we set up folders for our content classes and so far we learned how to create, name, save, and share Docs and Sheets. We will also be using Sites to create E-Portfolios that will be used to showcase student work to be shared during Student led conferences this year.
                • Email- Each student has an email account through Microsoft. We learned how to access, loaded up teacher contact addresses, and compose an appropriate email in order to better access all that NCUJHS has to offer. *I encourage students to check their email every morning during TA- I often send weekly emails to students, they are sent email alerts when teachers update their Google classroom sites with assignments, announcements, etc. ****SCHOOL EMAIL IS FOR SCHOOL RELATED WORK ONLY AND SHOULD NEVER BE USED FOR CASUAL STUDENT-STUDENT OR OUTSIDE CONTACT****
                • Powerschool- Each student has a powerschool account that they can access to check on their progress in all of their classes here at the junior high. Parents can also access this remotely at home or work. Check in with your student to see how it works or call Mrs. Kirchner at the front office for access/password help. (Sorry, I don't have access to individual student/parent access information)
                • This great school focused website that allows students to read current event and historical document based articles at a level that is appropriate for them; each individual article is available to them at 5 lexile (reading difficulty) levels and they can easily switch back and forth between them. Reading practice is extremely important and this is a great way to incorporate more relevant, nonfiction literature into our curriculum. It is used by teachers who may read specific articles or can be searched by students to find an article about an area or item of interest of their own.
                • This challenging website offers great opportunities for context clue and synonym based vocabulary word exposure as students expand their lexicon. Multiple exposures to different types of questions, great explanations and examples of what the word means and how it can be used are incorporated throughout this site and students are typically asked to complete a practice list of 10-15 words weekly. Words are related to current events or in class reading topics and quizzes and class challenge games and related activities often accompany practice work.

So, as you can see- we have been VERY busy- and this is just the tip of the iceberg! We are currently enjoying the science fiction/thriller novel Z for Zachariah and are writing our own narratives that mirror the storyline. Good stuff!

As always, please be sure to reach out via email or phone if you ever have questions or concerns- open lines of communication are critical.

Is everyone enjoying the start of summer? My family and I have definitely been making the most of these beautiful summer days. One of my greatest joys is playing with my littles at the beach and reading a book on a blanket in the sand. Perfection.

Every summer I challenge myself to read all of the young adult selections identified on the DCF list for the current year. I'm also hoping to find a new novel to slide into my curriculum for trimester three; I love to freshen up things up every year.

I just finished my first DCF book and I really enjoyed it. I'm thinking that as I create this website and update my google classroom sites I will begin posting the books that I've read. I have listed the google classroom join codes below, please sign up and let me know how your summer reading is going!

Here is a copy of the summer reading challenge info in case you lost the purple papers I handed out on buddy day.

Remember, everyone should plan on reading at least one book- but if you read FIVE AND do FIVE paragraph write ups you will have five chances for some awesome prizes. Hope to hear from you!

New Google Classroom Sites have been created please find your section and join it and then consider sharing how your summer reading has been going.

Click here to join my Google classroom

Section One meets 1(A) and 6(A) and the code to join is 71n4ted

Section Two meets 2(A) and 8(A) and the code to join is 22vhty

Section Three meets 3(A) and 9(A) and the code to join is z8dkltf