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Students of the Month!

This month, CES focused on the theme of student responsibility. The two students CES is honoring this month for showing excellent responsibility are Grant Jeness and Ian Applegate. It shouldn't surprise anyone to see that both Ian and Grant are wearing flannel in their pictures--they were both taking responsibility for helping others by raising money on Flannel Friday! Grades 4/5 won the contest for most Bright Bucks received, but it was a close call. The highlight of the assembly was when the 1st graders treated everyone to a surprise demonstration of the yoga poses they are learning!

6th Graders Take Action!

Our 6th graders have been studying poverty in Humanities class for the past few months. Along with the effects of inequality, they have also been looking at various ways that societies and individuals work to counteract poverty. The class has looked at the pros and cons of ideas such as labor unions, universal health care, food stamps, debt-free college, and universal basic income. We have also looked at some of the 'simpler' ideas that people have put forth, such as the work being done by the One Acre Fund and HealthHabitat. When it came time to decide on a way to take action and become part of the solution, the 6th graders decided they were most interested in the idea of microlending, a process through which individuals can loan small amounts of money directly to people in poverty who might not otherwise be able to obtain a loan. After doing some research, the class identified a recipient on kiva.org and organized a bake sale to raise funds (see flyer). The baking will be happening on January 17th, and goodies will be available for purchase all week long. If you happen to stop by the school with a dollar to spare, consider buying a brownie or a cookie and helping our 6th graders make a difference for someone in need!

Microloan Flyer.pdf

Presentation of Learning: Jan. 26th

Please join us on Thursday, January 26th, for a Presentation of Learning (POL) hosted by Charleston's 4th through 8th graders! The event will be held in our gymnasium from 1:30 to 2:45, and we are hoping that many parents, grandparents, and community members will be able to join us. Students will be discussing and showcasing their recent learning, focusing on self-designed projects, independent learning, transferable skills, and more. Come see not only what our students are learning, but also how they are thinking about and demonstrating their own growth. Explore how CES students are using technology, collaborating, and challenging themselves to reflect on past, current, and future learning.

POL Flyer.pdf

Students of the Month!

Congratulations to our Students of the Month and other classroom leaders! Charleston's student leaders are what make our school so strong and supportive. With students like these, everyone succeeds!

Student-Led Conferences

Our student-led conferences were a huge success! Students were thoughtful, descriptive, and reflective about their learning. Parents were able to see a wide range of student work in the form of digital portfolios, models, slideshows, movies, and other impressive products.

There was so much evidence of learning on display! More importantly, students were able to discuss that learning and share their growth with the people closest to them. Our surveys showed that parents found the conferences informative and meaningful, with the vast majority of respondents saying that they preferred these student-led conferences to more traditional conferences. We look forward to reflecting on how we can improve the experience for both students and parents--and to our next round of conferences in the Spring!

VSO Performance

We were delighted to host three members of the VSO this past week. Students were shown a variety of brass instruments--including a few made from garden hose and funnels--and learned a bit of physics and history as well. Our guests played some classical music, some jazz, and even a little blues. CES would like to offer a big 'thank you' to everyone who was a part of bringing a bit of the VSO to Charleston Elementary.

Students of the Month (September 2016)

posted Oct 22, 2016, 3:08 PM by Evan Gentler

Student-Led Conferences

As you probably know, conference time is approaching. This year, CES students at various grade levels will be holding student-led conferences. This means that students will be attending their conferences and taking the lead in describing their learning and growth to their parents and guardians. In most cases, this will involve the use of a portfolio or some other evidence of learning that the student will use to discuss the learning targets that were set and the work that demonstrates those targets were met. This is part of a larger initiative to push students to engage more actively with their own learning and assessment. Students will be working on language and communication skills that will allow them to speak clearly, thoughtfully, and specifically about the challenges they've faced, the skills they've strengthened, and the knowledge they've gained. For some students, this will be the second year of student-led conferences, but others will be tackling it for the first time. We know our students are up to it, and we are looking forward to hearing them describe and take ownership of their learning!

School Begins 2016!

We are so excited to begin the new school year! The first day for students will be Tuesday, August 30th. The first day for preschool is September 6th. Please find current information and policies on our documents page.

There are very some exciting changes this year, including the transition of Jessica Applegate--formerly our 4/5 teacher--to the role of Principal. We are also welcoming two new teachers to the CES team. Sarah Bean will be taking Mrs. Applegate's place as our new 4/5 teacher, and Marcia Woodside will be joining our team in the role of interventionist. Ms. Woodside will be filling some very big shoes, as she is stepping in for Cheryl Stelter, who has chosen to retire after many years of committed and caring service to the Charleston community.

This year, teachers and students at CES will be employing some exciting new strategies with regard to instruction, assessment, feedback, and student engagement. These practices are being encouraged across the SU, and we at CES will be implementing all of them to varying degrees this year. Some of these practices include the increased use of learning targets, digital portfolios, student-led conferences, problem-based education, and presentations of learning. We are also planning to increase our focus on the kinds of transferable skills that will help our students become broadly capable and successful throughout their lives. We are committed to the ongoing improvement of education at CES, and we are always looking to evolve along with research-based best-practices. We look forward to sharing these practices with parents, and to the ongoing partnerships with students that will ultimately make it all meaningful.