Mrs. Lyons

Reading Recovery is a short-term intervention for students in first grade who are having difficulty beginning their literacy lives. It is a 12-20 week intervention. Each student meets with a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher for 30 minutes a day. These 30 minute lessons are rigorous and intentional. If you have any questions about Reading Recovery, please contact Melissa Lyons at the school.

Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a program based on the principles of Reading Recovery. LLI is a small group reading intervention. These rigorous lessons involve students in deep discussion about text and deep analysis of words, among other things. Our school is lucky enough to benefit from the grades K-8 LLI kits. We are also proud to say that all our teachers K-3 and interventionists are trained in this effective program.

If you have an questions about LLI please contact Marcia Woodside or Melissa Lyons at the school.

These interventions not only create opportunities for students to access their learning, but they also create a confidence in students that may not have been seen otherwise. Reading Recovery and LLI have been proven to support readers throughout their literacy lives. 85% of students who receive Reading Recovery will consistently stay within or above grade level throughout their careers.

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