Mrs. Lahar

Mrs. Lahar’s 3rd Grade

We begin 2016 with renewed enthusiasm for learning!

For math instruction, the 3rd graders are in the Eureka Math program. We have just started a unit focusing on place value and

problem solving using units of measure. This unit will include problem solving using time, measuring using weight and volume and rounding to the nearest ten and hundred. We will also learn and use the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction.

At the end of math class, the 3rd graders have time to practice their facts. By the end of 2nd grade, it is expected that students know their addition and subtraction facts. By the end of 3rd grade, they need to know their multiplication facts. Each 3rd grader is working on the facts they still have not mastered. Some students are still working on addition and subtraction. While others will soon be pushing themselves to learn their division facts.

During our literacy time, we have been using the Reader's Workshop model. We begin with a whole class read aloud and a minilesson on a specific skill or a reading strategy. Then students practice the skill or strategy by independently reading. While students are independently reading, I conference with individual students or I meet with small reading groups. Reader's Workshop is an approach that provides students with the conditions that are supported by reading research. We will be focusing next on the skills needed to read nonfiction.

In addition to Reader's Workshop, students are challenging themselves to read and test on books through the Accelerated Reader program. After reading and successfully passing a test on five books, students choose a small prize. For each additional five books, they may choose another prize. Prizes are also given out at the end of the school year to students that participated.

In writing, we are focusing on information writing. We will be working hard to create organized pieces with many paragraphs.

We have gotten off to a great start in 2016! If you have questions or concerns, please contact me (