Using this Site

The Intranet collects and maintains business and process documentation for Wilson College faculty and staff to serve as a one-stop-shop for internal guidelines and reference material.

Navigating This Site

The Intranet is organized into several major categories, each with a brief description of their purpose to help guide you to what you need.

These categories are the broadest and most general selection of topics, so if you don't see the specfic subject you're looking for, browse the general area that best applies to it, it may be nested underneath.

In addition to the large icons, you can also use the Home menu in the upper right to browse the site categories (and their subcategories) in list format instead.

Alternatively, you can use the Search feature at the top of the page to try to find a particular item anywhere in the site.

Search results are limited to the Intranet and will search the title of attached documents as well as text within the site itself to help you find what you're looking for.

Have something to add?

If there are materials you'd like to contribute to the Intranet, see our page on adding content.

If you just have general feedback about the site itself, use our feedback form to let us know what you think!

And if you need any other general assistance with the site, feel free to contact us.