Something to Add

How can I submit new content to be added to the Intranet?

The Textiles Intranet contains useful reference material for the Wilson College faculty and staff on a variety of business and educational topics.

If you have content you feel should be added to the Intranet, follow these steps to get it submitted for approval:

  1. Add the content to your NC State Google Drive or an appropriate Google Team Drive, if it isn’t already
  2. Locate the file in the Google Drive file list and right-click or Ctrl-click on it
  3. Select Share from the list of options
  4. Add the College Communications Committee Google group ( with Edit access, and click Send
  5. Visit the Textiles Intranet Content Submission form and fill out the required fields to complete your request
  6. Email the URL along with the following information to the college Director of Communications
    1. The URL for the Google document
    2. The title of the new document
    3. The category it should be listed under
    4. Whether or not the doc can be made public to the university
    5. At least one name and email address for the person(s) primarily responsible for updating this content in the future

NOTE: For Google Docs, please first use the default Google styles for your document. To reset styles to the default:

  1. Open the Google Doc
  2. Go to the Format menu
  3. Select Options
  4. Select Reset Styles

You are then ready to submit your doc for approval.

Intranet content submission requests may take several days to be processed based on committee member availability and the nature of the content. Please be patient as we work to process your request.