Classroom Capture Overview

The Wilson College of Textiles uses Mediasite to capture classroom lectures electronically. Not all of the rooms are equipped with these technologies so you will need to fill out the classroom capture request form so we can work with you to see if capturing your class is a possibility. We will also require training for all faculty that will be teaching in these rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there someone in the room to help me?

All rooms are run by the instructor. We require training for faculty wanting to use this technology for this reason.

Does this mean my course is automatically offered on TOP?

No. You will need to speak with Academic, Career and Student Services and your department head about whether your course is offered on TOP (Distance Education).

If the students are captured, do I need to give them a release form?

Yes. These will be made available at the beginning of the semester.

What if I forget to turn it on or off?

You will be responsible for starting and stopping your lecture. We will also have a mechanism in place that will automatically turn off the capture after a certain period of time past your class end time unless you extend the lecture.

How long will the course be available?

We typically keep the course capture for 3 years or sooner if you decide to recapture it.

Advantages of Recording Your Class

  1. Pre-record class when traveling
  2. Makeup class for excused absences
  3. Assign lecture(s) for review for a test/quiz
  4. Added assistance for those that may take longer to learn
  5. Enhance teaching delivery styles, methods

Sonic Foundry MediaSite

Mediasite as it is called for short, is a feature rich classroom capture technology. It captures your voice, powerpoint/computer and video of you walking around the classroom. It is able to capture full motion video for any movies or videos that you may show in class. It is integrated into the touch panel in the front of the room. All rooms that have mediasite also have a large screen television in the rear of the room to show you what is being recorded at all times.