Team Drives

Google Team Drive is available for users in our NC State domain, but must be requested. A Team Drive can be requested for a project, committee, department, or other team related purpose. Email to request a Team Drive.

Team Drive Permissions

Please consider the following:

  • A Team Drive is owned by the domain (NC State) rather than an individual. Information in Team Drive is stored in Google Vault for e-discovery and retention
  • Team Drive does NOT support folder permissions.
  • All folders and documents stored in a Team Drive can be accessed by all members of that Team Drive.
  • Individual file permissions can be added to individual files within the Team Drive, but will include all Team Drive members.
  • Team Drive Access Control Permissions:
    • Full - can add new members or groups to the Team Drive including giving other team members FULL access, and manage all aspects of files and folders (creating, deleting) within the Team drive.
    • Edit - Can create, upload, or edit all files and folders. Can NOT delete files. Can add permissions to individual files.
    • Comment - Can view all files and comment on them.
    • View - Can view all files within the Team Drive. This is the lowest permission that can be granted.
  • TCTS recommends using a Google Group to manage Team Drives, especially for Team Drives with large memberships and varying permissions.
  • While users outside of the NC State domain can also be members of a Team Drive, this is not recommended.
  • As with Google Drive, Team Drives are approved as a cloud storage option for Red Level Data and below:

Textiles Committees Team Drive Best Practices

  • The Chair and at least one other member should have “Full access”. Consider having a TCTS Staff member with “Full access” to assist as well (if appropriate given the type of data).
  • The Google Group for the committee membership should have “Edit access” or “Comment access” as appropriate.
  • Communicate with all Committee members once Team Drive is available.

Google Drive and Graduating Students

Data retention for research is one of the primary use cases for Team Drives and we need to be clear about a long term concern:

OIT has made the decision to no longer offer graduating students their accounts for life (they will get the option of an account after graduating). There is not currently a timeline when this change will happen, but that it will be at least Spring 2020:

Scenario: A faculty member creates a folder in their "My Drive" for their students put content in (and the student does so), but the student is still the owner of the individual files they created. The files will stay in place as long as the student's account exists. This applies to part-timers, TA's, etc in other roles as well.

The implication is that given the change in lifetime of a graduated students account, there may be data that currently shows up in a folder in a faculty member's "My Drive" that is owned by a former student that will silently disappear at some later date when the students account is deprovisioned.

TCTS can work with faculty on ensure assets that exist in Google remain. Note that recovery after the fact is very difficult. If you have gone down this path, please contact us at and we can work with you on a data management strategy.

Additional Drive information

For more about the differences between Team Drive and My Drive, visit: