New Phone Cheatsheet

When getting a new phone there are number of things that you find you need to set up again even after copying all of your data from your old phone.

2 Factor

Google And Duo

Google's 2 Factor (called Google 2 Step) supports multiple types of devices.

  1. Install the "Google Authenticator" app.
  2. Click on the link below.
  3. Click on the 2 Step Verification Link and Login.
  4. Using this page you can "Change Phones" for Google Authenticator App (6 digit rotating number) and Google Prompt (Yes/No popup on the phone) and follow the prompts.

Duo's 2 Factor (used for MyPack Portal and other Pages) uses a Yes/No popup on the phone for logging in.

  1. Install the "Duo Mobile" app.
  2. Click on the link below and login.
  3. Click on Device Options for you phone number.
  4. Click Reactivate Duo Mobile and follow the prompts.

Other College's documentation

A number of other units on campus have very detailed information on how to setup 2 Factor. Rather than maintain our own documentation, we have chosen to provide links to their documentation.



EDUROAM is the recommended Wireless connection for NCSU. It is encrypted and works at other universities.

  1. Using the Phone, Click on the link below.
  2. Click "Enroll your device in eduroam" and login.
  3. Install the SecureW2 app and follow the prompts.

Nomad / NCSU

Nomad is the legacy Wireless connection for NCSU.

  1. Using the Phone, Click on the link below and login.
  2. Click on "Add Device" on the left panel.
  3. Put in a name for the device and hit the "add device" button at the bottom.