IT Maintenance

Windows Patches

Microsoft releases new patches to its Windows operating systems on the second Tuesday of the month. In accordance with the NCSU System and Software Security Patching Standard, these updates are approved for installation on domain computers the following Thursday morning.

These updates likely require a reboot to complete their installation. Users should reboot at their earliest convenience once they have received the popup about rebooting to complete patching.

Users with personal computers on the network are requested to patch their computers; we encourage everyone to patch their home computers regularly as well. Remaining fully patched is critical to the protection and health of your computer.

For details on the updates, see:

For more info on the Active Director Update policy, refer to:

OIT Extended Maintenance Windows 2018-2020

Note: OIT has regular maintenance windows reserved each Sunday from 1 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Each year OIT has quarterly maintenance windows where the do work on the IT systems that underpin much of the University's infrastructure.

OIT performs extensive system maintenance such as hardware replacement, infrastructure reconfiguration, or data center improvements that require the shutdown and movement of equipment. These extended maintenance windows usually run from 6 a.m. Saturday to 6 p.m. Sunday.

Services are expected to be offline for a significant portion of the maintenance window include, but are not limited to: MyPack Portal, Human Resources System, Financial System, Student Information System (SIS), WolfTime, OIT backup services, Authenticated SMTP, Virtual Computing Lab (VCL), WolfPrint, and many campus web sites.

The Extended Maintenance Window dates proposed are:


    • March 3-4
    • April 14-15 (currently being negotiated to a later date)
    • September 22-23
    • November 10-11


    • February 2-3
    • April 13-14
    • September 21-22
    • November 2-3


    • February 1-2
    • April 11-12
    • September 26-27
    • November 7-8