Wilson College Directory

The Wilson College of Textiles directory includes all full time staff.

You can access the directory from several spots across the website. But the easiest place is under About in the main navigation (see right): https://textiles.ncsu.edu/directory/people

Searching and Filtering

To enable effective customized searching, the new directory pivots on various kinds of information including:

  • An open-field search (enter a name, keyword or other search term)
  • A search by working group (which includes departments, units, centers and institutes, undergraduate degree programs) - check boxes you are interested in and click on the red filter box
  • A search by area(s) of research/teaching expertise (ex: color science, entrepreneurship, fashion design, protective textiles and many more) - check boxes you are interested in and click on the red filter box

As entries were migrated from the old directory to the new one, your subgroups were selected as were your areas of expertise based on the information in your bios. We hope to have gotten everything right, but if anything is in error, you can log in and correct it (see directions below). You can also check/uncheck boxes to best reflect your areas of expertise. While there is no limit on the number of boxes you can check, we suggest three (and no more than five) as best practice. We worked with the departments to identify the areas of expertise. If you feel that there is an area missing that needs to be considered, please send it to me, and the Communications Committee will review it. This is a work in progress, and we're open to feedback.

Full and Compact Views

There are two views of the directory - full and compact - that you can choose to use. The full listing shows everyone along with their contact info and expertise (see below):

The compact view lets you see more entries in a smaller space but provides less information; you access contact details and areas of expertise by clicking on their names (see below):

Editing your Directory Entry

Directions for editing your individual directory entry:

(1) Log in at: https://textiles.ncsu.edu/directory/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=person with your Unity ID and password. This will take you to the editing screen for your individual directory entry.

Before you start editing, it is important to know that you should repeatedly hit the blue update button on the top right of the page after every edit.

WordPress does NOT auto save and you will lose your information if you are not updating regularly.

See the screen shot to the right for how to begin editing your information.

You will want to add or update your profile in the main box as indicated. Please only use black text here and throughout the entry.

On the right side you will find the areas where you can edit your areas of expertise and subgroups (most of these should be set correctly).

It is important to note that the basic directory information that will be shown in Field 1 is pulled from the NC State Campus directory and can only be updated there (this includes your research group links).

Address and Work Location information can be updated in Employee Self Service under "Personal Details" > "Work Location" tab.

(2) You have the option to not have your directory information updated automatically via the Campus Directory. You can override that by unchecking the box in Field 2. If the Auto-Update option is unchecked, you can make changes to those fields in WordPress on the Textiles directory, but those changes will only be made on this website, and will not be reflected in the Campus Directory. In most cases, we recommend leaving auto-update checked and making any changes you need to make in the Campus Directory.

* If you have more than one title, or if it makes sense to list a different title than what's in the campus directory, check the box at the bottom of Field 2.

Update your information

(3) In Field 3, you can update your profile image.

At this point we have migrated images from the previous directory (unless directed otherwise) or uploaded submitted or newly taken photos. While the instructions say images uploaded here should be 300x300px, we highly recommend uploading 400x400px to avoid blurriness on display.

Update your information

(4) In Field 4, you will add/update your individual details to include the items shown below:

The URL for your Google Scholar entry if you have one

  • A CV
  • Academic degrees
  • Summary of your research
  • Professional organizations you belong to
  • Classes you teach

Update your information

(5) In Field 5 you have the option to display your Publications & Grants. These are auto-generated by the Libraries Scholarly Publications Repository for publications and RADAR for grants. You can choose to hide this information if you prefer.

(6) Field 6 allows you to enter any additional information you'd like. For example, you could include graduate students you have mentored.

Research Collaborators - In this field, which is located on the right side of the edit page under the Subgroup field, you can add individuals with whom you collaborate on research. Select a person from the drop-down box and it will display as you'll see below. You will be able to add multiple collaborators.

Once again, when you are done, again hit the blue Update to the right or your changes will not be saved.

WordPress does NOT auto save and you will lose your information if you are not updating regularly.

If you have any questions about how to use the directory, please reach out to TCTS and they can help.