Graduate Level

We would like to thank all of our participants for joining us this weekend for NC State's Datathon! View the top three presentations from the graduate level below and congratulations!

G_SamGallowayValliappanMuthukaruppan - Valliappan Muthukaruppan.mp4

1st place

NCSU Campus Safety

Sam Galloway (NCSU) and Valliappan Muthukaruppan (NCSU)


2nd place

Does change in housing price predict change in crime?

Risa Sayre (UNC Chapel Hill)

G_AnnaYanchenkoEricYanchenko - Eric Yanchenko.mp4

3rd place

Do Sporting Events Influence Crime in Raleigh?

Anna Yanchenko (Duke) and Eric Yanchenko (NCSU)