Donate A Kidney

The simple fact is, I need a kidney transplant.

You could be just the person I am looking for or know someone who is a match.

I also need help paying for medications after the transplant to keep the kidney, any amount helps.

Regardless I need your help.

Donor Information

I have been with Duke University Hospital since I was little and they are going to do my kidney transplant, when we find a kidney.

If you are interested in seeing if you can donate a kidney to me, please go to the link below. and click on the "Self-Referral Record" Button


call Duke at (919) 613-7777

Information They Need

They will ask you in the call (if you call them) or you can specify the intended recipient in the survey.

Intended recipient's name : Nicholas John Williamson

Intended recipient's date of birth: 05/07/1994