IEEE IES Technical Committee on

Resilience and Security for Industrial Applications (ReSIA)

Our Mission

The Resilience and Security for Industrial Applications (ReSIA) technical committee focuses on various aspects and technologies to assess and/or increase resilience and security of industrial applications.

For example, technologies such as how to reconfigure a cyber-network and/or a physical network to enhance its resilience subject to failures and attacks, how to design distributed algorithms to manage the system to avoid single point of failure, to reduce congestions, how to improve device design to improve its resilience and security, etc.

Applications range from national critical infrastructure such as power/energy systems, transportation systems, to micro-grid, nano-grid (e.g., home energy management), pico-grid, to devices such as energy storages, smart sensors, smart actuators, and smart controllers.

This is a highly interdisciplinary technical committee. ReSia technical committee will use different means such as tutorials, special sessions, web, committee meetings, conferences to interchange and disseminate information. We often collaborate with other IES technical committees to form joint special sessions in IES conferences and IES publications.