Family Garden Kit

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Research shows that adding physical activity and spending more time outdoors reduces stress. Therefore, it is essential to not only take time as a family to explore nature and the great outdoors but also do a little to remain healthy while doing it. You can easily do this by creating a garden. A Family Garden Kit is a great way to get started if you’re short on space, or new to the whole gardening thing. The best part about gardens is they do not necessarily need to be in the ground. You can start a garden in the water through hydroponics, in the ground, or in a container. It’s even better to create a garden with your family.

Union County 4-H is offering the Family Gardening kits for families to start their own garden to help produce fun and food over the summer and beyond using a container. As a participant, each family will receive access to instructional videos and resources provided by N.C. Cooperative Extension of Union County staff.

A huge THANK YOU to our Union County partners and sponsors!