Alessandra Scafuro

Assistant Professor, NCSU

890 Oval Drive, EBII 3264. Raleigh.

I am an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at NCSU, and a member of the Wolfack Security and Privacy Research Lab. My research interests are in Cryptography. I received my PhD from University of Salerno supervised by Ivan Visconti. Subsequently I had two PostDoc appointments at UCLA and BU/NEU supervised by Rafail Ostrovsky, Ran Canetti, Daniel Wichs .

Support. My research is supported by NSF and Cisco & Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Recent Program Committees

  • EUROCRYPT 2020, CRYPTO 2020, AFT 2020, AFRICACRYPT 2020, SBC 2020 etc..

  • ICALP 2019, PKC 2019, AFRICACRYPT 2019, PENCIL 2019

  • CRYPTO 2018, USENIX 2018, SCN 2018, AFRICACRYPT 2018, ACNS 2018