NCSSM Rocketry

The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) Rocketry team is a collaborative effort to encourage interest in rocketry across the state. We are located at NCSSM and include students in 11th and 12th grade. NCSSM has previously competed in Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC), Battle of the Rockets (BOTR), and NASA Student Launch (SL).

What are we up to?

This year, we are competing in TARC with three teams, and in NASA SL.

Our TARC teams are well into their design and build phase and trying some new things this year.

Our NASA SL proposal was accepted in October so we are designing and getting ready! You can see our reports and plans on our 2017-2018 project page.

The last weekend of February, NCSSM Rocketry launched our full-scale rocket at Bayboro, NC. It was a good flight other than the issue that we didn't attach the fin section to the parachute. Luckily it landed upright and nothing was broken other than a bulkhead. Our apogee was lower than we wanted, so we are working on a way to improve that. We flew a dummy payload, but our next flight will have an active payload.

On December 17, 2017, Wes, Aiden, and Caleb, and Sahil flew the NASA subscale model on an AT I211W and all of the recovery steps worked perfectly.

Picture-perfect launch


Rocket on the pad and ready to go; shown with proud crew!

Checking launch angle.

Careful preparation takes time but assures a successful launch.

Range Safety Officer checking rocket for launch


October 28, 2017: This past weekend, NCSSM Rocketry took a trip to Bayboro, NC for our first launch of the year! We launched our old TARC rocket and a few others.

Jennifer, Anja, and Hannah recover a rocket after a successful flight

The flight was great, but it was caught in a guy wire. Our booster was zippered during retrieval

Aidan, Caleb, and Sahil get the rocket ready