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New and improved for the 20-21 school year, this year's school newspaper will break new ground and be available online for all Colt readers.

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Student Red Ribbon Spirit Week Photos

Credits: NC Yearbook Team


The Northern Cambria School District is back in full swing! Students started going back to school full time on October 26th with the option of synchronized learning. Students are still required to complete their work virtually when they have missed a day of in-school learning. For more on why the school district went hybrid to begin with and the changes for this school year click here.

Here are freshman and sophomore cheerleaders posing for a picture together: Want to read more about their season? Click above to be taken to the article.

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Senior Ed Long, #51: Click the photo above to read about the 2020-21 football season.

Above: Joe Paterno, 9th grade

Hands-on Classes: Click the photo above to access the article on Hybrid Challenges for NCSD.

Here are some beautiful nature shots taken by Makaila Work

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NC Pride Lives In Our School & Community!

Section of town being torn down after the destructive fire

Photo Credits: Town Fire

Northern Cambria Town Happenings

By. Makaila Work Photo Credits: jmd41280 ( Click the link to view the photo larger)To read more about the fire: Click here

Just over five months ago, Northern Cambria experienced one of its most devastating fires yet. What used to be the town's library and an apartment building is now an open space in the middle of town.

DJ Tommy Gunz and his family, along with others, lost their home during the fire several months ago. The community came together to offer support. Something that happened that was almost a miracle to Tommy was that the fire had not damaged his computer that held all his songs. In times of hardship, NC pulls together and keeps hope alive.