Welcome to NC Cyber Academy

Welcome to the home page for the Northern Cambria Cyber Academy. Northern Cambria School District students have the option to enroll in Northern Cambria Cyber Academy as full time, part time, or blended students. The full time program allows students the opportunity to attend an entirely virtual school instead of attending the regular brick and mortar school.

This cyber school option will also allow students who are now home schooled to enroll in this virtual school. Courses through Northern Cambria Cyber are taken completely online. Students in the cyber program will remain students at Northern Cambria. All students will be responsible to take all required state assessments. All students will be eligible to join extra-curricular clubs and athletic teams.

The cyber program will be run through a partnership with EdOptions Academy, a completely accredited virtual school and admission to Northern Cambria Cyber Academy is by application and parent request.

Additional information regarding the cyber academy is embedded in the page below. Click the banner link at the top of the page to begin the registration process or call the building principal with any additional questions.


Lisa Prebish, High School Principal(814) 948.6800

Krista Templeton, Middle School Principal(814) 948.5880

Joy Tibbott, Middle School Principal(814) 948.5880

Fred Montanaro, Cyber School Coordinator / Dean of Students(814) 948.6800

Northern Cambria Cyber Academy Fast Facts.pdf
Northern Cambria Cyber Policy July 2020.pdf