Moore County Schools believes that all students, each day, deserve access to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities. Virtual learning provides an opportunity for students and teachers to remain connected and engaged with content while working remotely.


Moore County Schools understands and empathizes with our families who may feel uncomfortable sending students back to school as well as our teachers who may be unable to return to in-person instruction. For these reasons, we are offering an entirely virtual/remote learning option for instruction for fall 2020, regardless of whether in-person instruction proceeds.

Registration for Connect! Virtual Academy is now closed.

Additional Info Provided at July 21st Board Meeting:

Enrollment in CONNECT! Virtual Academy

  • Families who apply must commit to the entire FALL semester (August 17-December 18, 2020). Students would then have the opportunity to transition back to in-person instruction at the start of the second semester or can opt to continue with virtual learning.

  • Virtual teachers may not come from the child's home school. MCS will make every effort to connect students to teachers within their home school or as close to their home school as possible.

  • All students will receive a device to keep at home during virtual instruction (Grades K-1 = iPad, Grades 2-12 = Chromebook). Students without WiFi in their homes will be provided mobile hotspots, as they are available. Families unable to utilize a mobile hotspot will be provided the same instructional materials via a USB drive.

  • Students will continue to receive all traditional supports (i.e., AIG, Intervention, 504, ESL, etc.) virtually.

  • Support for Exceptional Children will be provided by qualified teachers and service providers.

  • Students who participate in virtual remote learning will be permitted to participate in extra-curricular activities or sports.

Daily structure of CONNECT! Virtual Academy

  • Students will learn new grade-level content from a certified and fully-licensed MCS teacher.

  • Virtual students will learn the same grade-level content as their face-to-face peers, paced in the same way.

  • Teachers will regularly check in on both student academic needs as well as social-emotional needs during these trying times. Developing relationships between teacher and student as well as student to student will always be our primary concern, whether virtual or face-to-face.

  • Students may engage in both live sessions with teachers as well as recorded lessons/materials.

  • Student attendance will be based on completion of daily tasks.

  • Activities and lessons will be grade level appropriate- both in the complexity of the task as well as the amount of time required to complete.

  • Activities will not be solely device-driven. Students will experience plenty of hands-on work that does not require a device to complete. In particular, students in grades K-2 will experience large amounts of "offline"/hands-on work.

  • All students will have a personal contact with teachers at least once a week via Google Meet, phone call, online messaging system, or email.

Instruction in CONNECT! Virtual Academy

  • Students will be assigned work and communicated with through a Learning Management System such as Canvas or Google Classroom.

  • Work will be graded consistent with current MCS grading policies. Grading scale information can be found here.

  • Live learning sessions or virtual support will be provided through Google Meet. Live learning sessions will follow a regular, predictable schedule that will be shared with both students and parents. Live learning sessions will be recorded for students to view later, if unable to attend.

  • Live learning sessions will be time-appropriate for students, in other words, students will not be asked to sit through live virtual sessions all day long. These live learning sessions will be balanced with activities and assignments that are completed both individually and collaboratively with classmates.

  • Students will participate in all mandated testing based on their enrollment. State testing may be required to be completed face-to-face.

  • Virtual Teachers will receive extensive and ongoing professional development in how to most effectively teach in a virtual environment. Digital Integration Facilitators (DIFs) will be assigned to specific teachers to provide support.

  • Students or Parents in need of technical support should visit this site:

Additional questions not answered on this site should be directed to this email address: or by phone to: Karen Woerdeman, 910-947-2342. Reminder - The CONNECT! Virtual Academy Enollment is now CLOSED. We will open it back up in December for the Spring semester.


Will all courses offered in school be offered in this Virtual Academy?

All core content will be offered virtually. MCS will continually assess the feasibility of offering electives/specials virtually and will work to make this happen as much as possible, given current constraints.

Can I return to face-to-face instruction at my school if I change my mind?

Students who choose fully online instruction will remain in that setting through the fall semester (August 17-December 18, 2020). Students may return to their classroom setting in the spring semester or choose to continue with virtual instruction, as the current situation dictates.

What if my device is not working properly at home?

Students should contact their teacher for help via the classroom Learning Management System messaging features or email their teacher. If the teacher is unable to assist the student, the teacher will enter a helpdesk ticket. The Technology Department will then reach out to that family to see if the problem can be resolved remotely or if it requires a scheduled, safe visit to the school to address the issue.

What is the parent's role/responsibility in virtual learning?

Parents/guardians will be responsible for continuously checking in on their student's learning and completion of tasks, just as in regular schooling/instruction. Parents will be provided extensive support in how to do this in a virtual environment, such as how to check on assignments, grades, and what tools students are using, etc. Students will require varying levels of support with virtual instruction, particularly younger students.

Can students who participate in virtual learning also participate in sports/extra-curriculars?

Yes. Students participating in connect! virtual academy will be able to participate in sports and extra-curricular activities at their school.

Will my child need to participate in state and local testing requirements?

Students participating in the Connect! Virtual Academy are subject to all state and local testing requirements; at this time, tests must occur in person and on campus. Some students in some grade levels may have to take state assessments during the first ten days of school. This is not a local, MCS decision- but one driven by state guidelines and requirements. More information on the testing plan will be released as it is finalized.