IB at Rex Putnam

Because each student has unique goals for his/her own high school experience, we've designed three levels of participation in the IB Programme.

LEVEL 1: Take an IB class

  • Enroll in one or more IB classes

LEVEL 2: Become an IB Course Candidate

  • Enroll in one or more IB classes
  • Register for the IB exam(s) and earn IB Certificate(s)
  • List your certificate(s) as an “honor” or “award” on applications & scholarships
  • Potential to earn college credit with scores of 5, 6, 7

LEVEL 3: Become an IB Diploma Candidate

  • Submit an IB Diploma Application to the IB Coordinator
  • Enroll in six IB classes and TOK (English, Second Language, Social Science, Science, Math, IB elective)
  • Register for the IB exams
  • Complete 150 CAS hours
  • Complete an Extended Essay
  • List your IB Diploma Candidacy on all scholarships and applications
  • Potential to qualify for priority admission and/or scholarships
  • Potential to earn up to one year of college credits
8th Grade Night overview 2016.ppt