IB Examinations

An Overview

Students in IB classes have the opportunity to register for final examinations produced and graded by the IB examiners around the world. While students' work is assessed according to rubrics, student's also have an opportunity to see how they match up to their peers around the world. Many students earn college credit for exam scores.

REGISTRATION for exams happens in the FALL (October 1st - November 5th)

EXAMINATIONS take place in the SPRING (May 1 - May 30)

The cost per subject is $93.00 payable to Rex Putnam at the time of registration. The actual cost of IB examinations is higher, however the school district makes up the difference so that the cost of an IB exam is comparable to the AP exams (which are offered at other schools).

IB Exam Schedule 2017

IBO General Regulations