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CWA Family Letter 1/20/21 (Click Here)

Dear CWA Families,

I would like to welcome you back (virtually) from our winter break! We feel very fortunate that you have chosen CWA as your school of choice and greatly appreciate your patience and support during this very tumultuous time in our country's history. With that said, we recognize that our teachers and you as learning coaches have been working extremely hard to put our students first and place them in the best possible position for success.

As Principal, I am very proud of the accomplishments of our school, particularly in the areas of student achievement and student engagement.

  • 74 students were represented in the Graduating Class of 2020. These students collectively donated 2,960 hours to service learning projects across the State of Oregon and earned 1,806 college credits.

  • 13 students in the “Graduating Class of 2020” earned the Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy.

  • CWA has increased its rate for on-time graduation for ten consecutive years (2010: 20.3% - 2020: 78%): a total increase of 58 percentage points. English Learners of 100% (Oregon average 52%) and 67% for its SPED students (Oregon average 52%)

  • CWA is offering more live classes taught online than any other NCSD elementary, middle and high school during the 2020-21 school year.

  • CWA became the recipient of the Oregon Department of Education’s High School Success Grant which will inject $240,000 into our grade 8-12 programs.

  • To create connections and meet the social emotional needs of our middle school students, CWA is offering weekly grade level house meetings, cooking club, art exploration, and engaging interactive online academic opportunities in all core subject areas.

  • Grade K-5 enrollment has nearly doubled from 64 students in 2019-20 to 120 students in 2020-21.

  • Students in grades K-5 receive direct daily instruction with differentiated instructional opportunities in math and language arts. CWA’s K-5 students are creating classroom community during Monday Morning Meetings, Friday fun activities, virtual field trips, and art and music opportunities.

We recognize that our students and parents are eagerly anticipating the return of onsite learning at our CWA campus. Our board, the Clackamas Charter Alliance-CWA, has been working closely with the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Education to develop a return to school plan that is safe for students and staff. This is extremely difficult given that the majority of our students reside outside of the North Clackamas School District. Because of this fact, and the challenges presented by our Governor regarding a large scale vaccination deployment, CWA has elected to continue to support student learning virtually throughout semester two. Please know that we are committed to bring students back to our CWA campus for face to face learning during the Fall of 2021, and we will utilize time during the Spring to revise/develop our student return plan.

It should be noted as our staff is working extremely hard to create positive learning experiences for our students that there are several bills which have been introduced into the Oregon State Assembly that have the potential to directly impact our ability to run the Clackamas Web Academy at a high level. There are none more destructive than proposed legislation HB 2195.

Representative Marty Wilde

House Bill 2195:

Relating to online instruction. Prohibits students from enrolling in virtual public charter schools located in school districts in which a student is not a resident if the student's resident school district or education service district offers appropriate online instruction.

As you may know, CWA is open to any student living in Oregon and our student demographics are very diverse (45% living in district and 55% living out of district). Many choose our school because they require a more flexible schedule and setting than their traditional school allows. Some students and parents choose CWA in order to engage in a more rigorous education that provides access to college classes while still in high school. However, because the State of Oregon defines our school as being "virtual,” every student who resides outside of the North Clackamas School District would not be allowed to attend CWA if HB 2195 were to be approved. These families would be required to enroll their child in their own district's online program, of which many have only been in operation this year. The families impacted by this would be forced to enroll their child in a school that is less adequate than Clackamas Web Academy and it would be a huge loss for their student. It is for this reason that we object to HB 2195. Rejection of this bill is essential in order to continue to empower Oregon families to make virtual public school choices that are in the best interest of their child.

Please know that we will continue to track HB 2195 as it enters the Oregon House Committee of Education and keep you apprised of any new developments that will directly affect your child. We will also provide you with some resources that will allow you to object to HB 2195 and advocate for our school if this bill gains more legislative support.

Stay Safe!


Brad Linn, Principal

Clackamas Web Academy

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Hello CWA Families:

Welcome to Clackamas Web Academy! At this time, CWA will be following the Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) guidelines set forth by Oregon Department of Education (ODE), please click on the following link for more information regarding Clackamas Web Academy Blueprint for Reopening in the 20-21 School Year. We will be utilizing our on-line only structure until we have been notified that we may return to our normal hybrid operations with many safety measures in effect.

As always, thank you for choosing the Clackamas Web Academy.


The CWA Teaching Team

Mission Statement:

We honor and support the cultures, values, and goals of all students while challenging and empowering them to reach their full potential.

Clackamas Web Academy (CWA) is a free public Charter School sponsored by the North Clackamas School District and accredited by AdvancED. CWA provides instruction to youth in Oregon through an innovative combination of online curriculum, onsite classes, labs, tutoring, activities and access to college classes. We have approximately 480 students enrolled in grades K through 12 and an Early College Options (ECO) program.

Established in 2004

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