About ECO

(Early College Options)

EST. 2004

What is Early College?

Early College is a program that allows qualified high school students to take college classes at their local community college that count toward their high school diploma and college goals.

The Direct Benefit is the College Difference

Many students have access to classes that earn college credit within their traditional high school. The difference in a CWA Early College experience is that students are earning college credit in the actual college environment as a regular college student. The ECO program isn’t just challenging classes, it is a program of college classes personalized to the student’s strengths, interests and goals.

Additional advantages of ECO include:

• High transferability of credits

• College professors

• A real college environment and access to college resources

• Access to 100’s of course levels, majors and interest areas to explore or pursue

• Students learn “how to do college” with the support of their CWA ECO high school Advisor/Counselor and ECO peers who have equally ambitious aspirations

Who are ECO Students?

ECO students are motivated, focused, inquisitive, creative, self-disciplined, talented and gifted. Some are professionally or highly involved in sports, music and dance, robotics and other STEM pathways. ECO students have many different backgrounds, some are life-long CWA students, others are home educated, from public and private schools; but, all share a love of learning and achieving.

Academic Challenge and Personalization

Talented and gifted high school students thrive in an environment that offers them both academic challenge and access to specific academic and career paths of interest.

ECO students find that the opportunity to work toward college and career goals in a real and meaningful way while still in high school is exciting, challenging and very rewarding.

How ECO Works

We partner with community colleges and some select four-year public colleges in Oregon giving our students access to college programs across the state.

Students have access to all college classes for which they meet the prerequisites and may continue in the ECO program through their fourth year of high school. Progress toward, and completion of, the high school diploma requirements are required, including completion of state tests in order to continue in good standing in the ECO program.

CWA Early College is Unique

CWA provides our Early College Students with:

• Advising support to achieve success inhigh school and college

• Facilitated Advisory meetings with other Early College students

• Financial support for classes

• Use of laptop computers throughout the school year

To Apply to ECO

1. Complete and submit the ECO Application and CWA Application.

2. Submit College Placement Test Scores that place into WR 121 and MTH 60.