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BREAKING NEWS: It's Coronation Spirit Week, and here are your best dressed students and staff:

“In Her Voice” Program

The first “In The Voice” meeting will be held after school this Thursday, Feb. 7, in room 135, Ms. Meridy’s room. All high school females are welcome. Ms. Nichols, the advisor, will talk about how the program aims to plan to teach young girls how to put their feelings in writing.

Character Day: Amber Moran

Thursday's student winner

Character Day: Victoria Ellis

Thursday's staff winner

Wacky Tacky Day: Mrs. Hardaway and Joseph Adams

Wednesday's staff AND student winner

Twin Day: Mrs. Mulcahy and Jade Friason

Tuesday's staff AND student winner

PJ Day: Bionca Merrit

Monday's student winner

PJ Day: Michelle LaCaze

Monday's staff winner