Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory Open Month

May 2020

The National Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS) and the University of East Anglia are holding an Open Month at the Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory (WAO) in May 2020. The idea behind this initiative is to have one month each year when researchers across the community are invited to use the facility. Whilst WAO is available for use by the community throughout the year, through the Atmospheric Measurement and Observation Facility (AMOF), our rationale is to encourage users who might not otherwise apply to use the facility to do so. Moreover, researchers might also benefit from the deployment of other instruments from the community at WAO at the same time. The site can be used for a range of activities such as scientific research, proof of concept studies and instrument testing and development.

Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory, Weybourne Road, Weybourne, Norfolk, UK, NR25 7EH

tel: +44 (0)1263 588154 www: weybourne.uea.ac.uk email: wao@uea.ac.uk