Adding Course Activities

Quiz Basics: Creating a Multiple Choice Quiz

The Quiz feature can be a helpful tool to assess learning and check for student understanding. This activity type offers a number of settings and question types and a help meet any instructional need. When a Quiz is created, Moodle also creates an entry in your grade book for the activity and will atomically score responses for certain question types.

Note: This guide provides a basic overview for setting up a quiz and adding multiple-choice questions. Please review the other available resources for a comprehensive overview of quiz options or contact the department of Teacher and Learning Technologies for assistance.

If you are looking to add a timing accommodation for specific students, please see the Online Exam Accommodations page.

Setting up a Quiz Activity

Step 1: Click the Gear icon and select Turn editing on from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Locate the topic section (or week) in which the content will be located and click +Add an activity or resource.

Step 3: In the pop-up menu, scroll down through the items and select Quiz , then click Add.

Step 4: Enter a title in the Name field.

Step 5: If desired, enter text in the Description field. Including instructions in this field can provide helpful guidance for students.

Step 6: Click the check box if you wish the description to display on the front of the course. If left unchecked, the description will display after they click into the Assignment.

Step 7: Click on the Timing heading to expand the assignment date options.

Step 8: To open the quiz on a specific date, click the enable checkbox and then adjust the timing in the Open the Quiz fields.

Step 9: To close the quiz on a specific date, click the enable checkbox and then adjust the timing in the Close the Quiz fields.

Step 10: If you wish to add a time limit for the quiz, click the enable check box and then adjust the Time limit fields.

Step 11: Click on the Grade heading to expand the grade options.

Step 12: If desired, click the Grade category drop-down menu and select a grade book category for the Quiz.

Step 13: Click on the Review options heading to expand the setting options.

Note: The review options section allows you to set the type of information students will be able to see after they submit a quiz. Faculty can adjust the review options to share more or less information with students at any time (before, during, or after the quiz). Whenever changes are made in this section, the new settings immediately apply to the quiz activity.

Possible options include showing students their submitted responses on the quiz (the attempt), score (points), and the right answer. You can also limit this information to only appear during specific time intervals. These periods of time are represented by the column headings. For an in-depth explanation of the settings in this section, please review the Moodle Doc on Review Options.

Step 14: To adjust a review options setting, click the check box to select (or deselect) an option in any timing column. Repeat as necessary.

Pro Tip: To delay showing students their quiz grade, uncheck Points in every column in the Review options section. Once you have reviewed the results and are ready to release student scores, go into Review options again and select Points under After the quiz is closed. This will display the grade to students in both the quiz activity and the grade book.

Step 15: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and return to course when finished.

Adding Questions

Once the Quiz activity has been added to the course, you can add questions by following the process below.

Step 1: Click on the Quiz name on your course page.

Step 2: Click the Edit quiz button or click the Gear icon and select Edit quiz from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: If desired, to add header text, click the pencil icon and enter the details in the text field.

Step 4: If desired, adjust the point value of the quiz by entering a new number in the Maximum Grade field. This will be the max value displayed in the Moodle grade book.

Step 5: To add new question to the quiz, click Add.

Step 6: Select + new question from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: In the pop-up menu, select the Multiple choice question type and click Add.

Step 8: Enter a specific name in the Question name field.

Note: Question names are not seen by students but will help identify questions in your question bank. A clear question name relating to the topic or content will be helpful for reusing questions in the future.

Step 9: Enter the question in the Question Text field.

Step 10: If desired, enter a new number in the Point value field. The default value for a question is one point.

Step 11: Enter an answer choice in the Choice 1 field.

Step 12: If Choice 1 is the correct answer, click the Grade drop-down menu and select 100%. If it is the incorrect answer leave None as the Grade selection.

Repeat the process in steps 11-12 for the desired number of additional question choices. The correct answer should always have a Grade value of 100% and the incorrect choices should have a Grade value of None.

Step 13: Scroll down and click Save changes to finalize the question.

To add more questions to the quiz, repeat steps 5-13.

Once back on the Edit quiz screen

Step 14: To preview the question, click the Magnifying glass.

Step 15: To edit the question text or answer, click the Gear icon.

Step 16: To adjust the question point value, click the Pencil icon, enter a number and then press enter.

Step 17: Click the Shuffle checkbox to randomize the question order for students.

Step 18: Click Save to finalize any setting changes.

Previewing the Quiz

When the quiz is finalized, it is best practice to preview the entire assessment from start to finish. This will allow you to verify that that quiz settings function as anticipated and provides a final opportunity to review the questions.

Step 1: Click on the Quiz name on your course page.

Step 2: Reviewing timing information to ensure the quiz will open and close at the appropriate date and time.

Step 3: Click the Gear icon and select Preview from the quiz admiration menu.

Step 4: Click Start attempt to begin the preview.

Preview mode will walk you through the quiz from the student view. If you notice a question need to be revised, click the Edit question link to open the question editor. Once any changes are saved in the editor, you will automatically re-enter preview mode.

Please contact Chris Zimber at or 585-389-2117 with Moodle questions or suggestions for the site.