Grading Features

Using Open Grader to Quickly Grade Forums

The Open Grader allows the instructor to quickly and effectively view and grade discussion forum posts and submitted assignments. This document will provide an overview of how to use the Moodlerooms Grader tool to easily review student submissions. Grades and feedback entered in the grader tool automatically appear in each student's private grade book in your course.

It is important to note that Discussion Forums & Assignments can only be graded with the grader application if they are worth a grade in your grade book -- point value or scale grade types both work. If you do not see a forum or assignment appearing in the grader window, that means it is not worth a grade value in your course.

Accessing the Open Grader

Step 1: Click on the Gear icon and select Open Grader from the drop-down menu The grader will open in a new window.

Step 2: The grader will appear in a new screen. There are a variety of options available to customize your view.

A. Enter full screen view.

B. Filter activities to show only those that still need grading.

C. Select specific activities to grade from a drop-down menu.

D. Select individual students from course roster to review and grade.

E. View content submitted by student. In this view, we see a discussion forum post written by our test student. The grader displays discussion posts and replies by default.

Step 3: The box on the right side of the screen provides users with the ability to assign a grade point value as well as provide the student written feedback.

To grade an activity:

A. Enter the point value achieved by the student out of the maximum possible score.

B. Type feedback comments directly in the Overall feedback text box. Text formatting options are available. We recommend keeping comments brief.

C. Click Save Grade to save your work and publish the grade directly to the grade book. Please note that students automatically receive an email notification when you grade an activity in Moodle.

Step 4: Students can click on the “Grades” link in a course to view the grade they received for each activity as well as any written feedback.

Note on Grading Discussion Forums

Discussion Forum posts and replies made by each student will automatically appear in the viewing pane within the Open Grader. It is possible to change the view to student post(s) only by clicking the Show only user's posts button.

Additional Resources:

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