Adding an Audio Recording

How to Add an Audio Recording to A Discussion Forum Post

This guide will help you on how to add an audio recording to a discussion forum post.

Step 1: Login to Moodle using your MyNaz username and password.

Step 2: Click on the course name on your Dashboard to open and view the course.

Step 3: Click on the title of the discussion forum to open and view the conversation.

Step 4: Click Add a new discussion.

Step 5: Click Use advanced editor and additional options.

Step 6: Click on the Record audio icon.

Step 7: Click Start Recording to record your audio message. Stop when you are finished.

Note: The audio recording will stop automatically after 2 minutes

Step 8: You can review your recording before posting it. Once it is ready, click Attach recording.

Note: The box will close automatically, and it will take 30-45 seconds for your recording to show up in the text box.

Step 9: Type a subject for your forum post.

Optional: Click Here for how to attach files in a discussion forum post

Step 10: Click Post to forum when you are ready to submit your post.

Note: This is how your audio recording will display in your submitted forum post.