Add an Image to a Discussion Post

The Moodle text editor allows users to include images as part of a discussion forum post. You can add files to a post that are saved on your device or publicly accessible through a web URL.

Step 1: When viewing the discussion post fields, click Use advanced editor and additional options.

Step 2: Enter text in the Subject field.

Step 3: Click into the Message field to enter text. To add an image, click the image icon within the text editor.

Step 4: In the pop-up that appears, click Browse Repositories to upload an image file.

Note: If you have a web-based image file, you can post the URL in the field.

Step 5: In the file picker, click Choose file and locate the file in the storage location on your computer.

Step 6: When the file appears as an attachment, click Upload this file.

A preview of the image will appear in the image properties window

Step 7: Enter details about the image in the Describe this image for someone who cannot see it field.

Note: A description is requested to meet ADA accessibility guidelines for those using screen readers

Step 8: The initial image size is set based on the image dimensions. To adjust the size, enter a numerical value into one of the fields.

Note: Optimal pixel size for an image in Moodle is in the 300-325 range.

Step 9: Click Save image when finished.

The image will then appear in the discussion message field. Add additional text a needed around the image.

Step 10: When finishing creating the post, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Post to Forum.