Google Calendar

Reserving an Appointment in Google Calendar

This guide will walk you through the process for reserving an appointment slot. Your faculty member will have shared a link to their appointment calendar which will allow you to select a

Step 1: Open the appointment calendar link that has been shared with you in your email.

Note: Please be sure to sign into your Nazareth College gmail account.

Step 2: Select the desired appointment slot of the given window of time provided by your faculty member

Step 3: Review the details of the appointment in the pop-up window and select save to confirm the appointment slot.

Optional: You can add details such as where and a description if desired.

Step 4: Once saved, click View/edit in Google Calendar to review the appointment details. This will close your faculty's appointment calendar and open your personal calendar.

The meeting will then appear on your personal Calendar. Clicking on the time slot will open meeting information.

A: Click the Edit tool (pencil icon) to edit details such as location and reminders

B. Click the Trash icon to delete the event and remove your reserved appointment slot from your faculty's appointment calendar

To access your calendar to view other appointments or events, follow this guide

For instructions on how to cancel and appointment, review the steps in Deleting an Appointment.