Naval Science Instructor (NSI)

First Sergeant Grier enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1992. He completed Marine Corps Recruit Training at Parris Island, SC in June of the same year and subsequently attended Marine Corps Combat Training at Camp Geiger, NC. He was then transferred to Marine Corps Engineer School located at Camp Lejeune, NC. Upon graduation of Engineer School, he was meritoriously promoted to Lance Corporal and was assigned to Headquarters Battery, 10th Marine Regiment, also located at Camp Lejeune. During this time he was promoted to Corporal and attended the Non-Commissioned Officer's Development Course. Corporal Grier served with 10th Marine Regiment until 1995 when he opted to make a lateral move to the M1A1 Tank Technician MOS.

Then Corporal Grier attended the Basic M1A1 Tank Mechanic’s Course at the Army Armor Center at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Once he completed this course, he reported to Headquarters and Service Company, 2d Tank Battalion, Camp Lejeune. In 1997 he attended and completed the Marine Corps Advanced Tank Technician’s Course at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD. Upon the successful completion of this course, he was assigned to Company B, 2d Tank Battalion where he served as a Platoon Tank Mechanic, M1A1 Tank Driver, Loader and Gunner, Headquarters Platoon Sergeant, as well as the Company Ramp Chief.

In 1999, then Sergeant Grier was reassigned to instructor duty at the Armor Center at Fort Knox with the Marine Training Company. During this time he attended the Formal Schools Instructor’s Course and the Army’s Combat Lifesavers Course. Sergeant Grier was promoted to Staff Sergeant in 2001 and was reassigned to Charlie Company, 2d Tank Battalion, Camp Lejeune, NC in 2003.

Staff Sergeant Grier was chosen to deploy as a Tactical Trainer for the Georgian Train and Equip Program (GTEP) and was deployed to the Republic of Georgia in November of 2003. As a tactical instructor, he assisted in instructing Georgian Troops on a wide variety of skill sets to include: land navigation, small arms and crew served weapons operation and employment, physical fitness and martial arts. He was also responsible for instructing on the maintenance of the Company’s BMP Infantry Fighting Vehicles and T-72 Main Battle Tanks. Staff Sergeant Grier was then redeployed to the United States for duty with Headquarters and Service Company, 2d Tank Battalion.

Staff Sergeant Grier attended the Staff Non-Commissioned Officer’s Course in August of 2004 and was subsequently assigned to Company D, 2d Tank Battalion for duty as the Headquarters Platoon Sergeant and Maintenance Chief. He then deployed with this Company in August of 2005 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His Company was deployed to Fallujah, Al An bar Province, Iraq. Staff Sergeant Grier filled three billets during this deployment: Headquarters Platoon Sergeant, Gun Truck Section Leader and Company Maintenance Chief. As a Platoon Sergeant, he was responsible for the training, discipline and well-being of 55 Marines. As a Gun Truck Section Leader, he was the vehicle commander for the lead vehicle in the platoon. He and his crew were responsible for early IED detection, point security and navigation for the platoon. He and his section took part in numerous cordon and knock operations, cache sweeps, vehicle checkpoints, mounted and dismounted patrols, logistical resupply, assembly area operations, and detainee and casualty evacuations. As the Company Maintenance Chief, he was responsible for the maintenance of 17 M1A1 Main Battle Tanks, 2 M88A2 Heavy Recovery Vehicles and 1 M60 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge. Staff Sergeant Grier was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant in December 2005. He redeployed with his Company to the United States in April of 2006.

Gunnery Sergeant Grier attended the Marine Corps Security Force Leadership Course in July of 2006. After successfully graduating from the course, he was assigned to 2d Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST), Marine Corps Security Force Battalion, for duties as Company Operations Chief. He attended the Advanced Course from April to June 2007. In June of 2007, Gunnery Sergeant Grier volunteered to fill vacancy for platoon sergeant, 1st Platoon, 2d FAST. He participated in security operations overseeing the security of special materials related to the fueling of the USS George Bush at Northrop Grumman Shipyards, Newport News, Virginia. Later that year, he deployed with his platoon to Guantanamo Bay Cuba to assume the fence line security mission. During this time he served as the Watch Commander for the Leeward side of the base.

In October of 2008, Gunnery Sergeant Grier deployed with his platoon as part of the FAST Deployment Program (FPD) to Naval Station Rota, Spain, where he participated in a joint exercise with the Israeli Defense Force. His platoon redeployed to Rota, Spain in November of 2008.

Gunnery Sergeant Grier redeployed to CONUS in March of 2009 and was reassigned as the Platoon Commander for 1st Platoon, 2d FAST. During this time, he task organized the platoon to support multinational training exercises, while embarked aboard the USS Oak Hill and a month long security mission in support of the President of the United States. In June of 2009 he detached from Marine Corps Security Force Regiment and attached, along with a section of his platoon, to HMH-461 and embarked on the USS Iwo Jima for transport to Ghana. Serving as the FAST Detachment Commander, he oversaw the security of Air Force One and supporting infrastructure for the duration of the President's visit.

Upon his return to CONUS in July of 2009, Gunnery Sergeant Grier was assigned as Platoon Sergeant, 4th Platoon, 2d FAST. During this time he participated in Exercise Tartan Eagle, a bi-lateral exercise with the British Royal Marines. In December of 2009, Gunnery Sergeant Grier was selected to the rank of First Sergeant. First Sergeant Grier executed Permanent Change of Station Orders to 3d Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, MCAGCC 29 Palms, California in May 2010.

First Sergeant Grier was assigned to Company B, 3d Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion for duties as the Company First Sergeant. Upon the Battalion's deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in October of 2010, First Sergeant Grier assumed the duties of the Remain Behind Team (RBT) Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, as well as remaining as the First Sergeant for Company B. First Sergeant Grier attended the First Sergeant's Course in February 2011.

Upon 3d Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion's return from Afghanistan in May 2011, First Sergeant Grier began the Predeployment Training Program (PTP) Cycle with Company B. He subsequently deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan in April 2012. During this deployment Company B successfully executed numerous mounted and dismounted security patrols, heliborne operations, the retrograde of directed military equipment and the de-mil of selected Combat Outposts and Patrol bases. First Sergeant Grier returned to CONUS with Company B in August 2012. First Sergeant Grier reported to Company B, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Fort Detrick, Maryland for duties, as directed in March of 2013.

During his assignment to Company B, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion he was responsible for supervising a staff of (14) Inspector-Instructor Marines, as well as training and mentoring the Selected Marine Corps Reserve First Sergeant. During this time, First Sergeant Grier supervised and participated in the 2013 Frederick, Maryland Toys for Tots Campaign which raised over one-hundred thousand dollars in donated toys and supporting infrastructure which benefited thousands of needy children in the local area.

First Sergeant Grier retired in 2014 and was subsequently offered and accepted a position as the Marine Instructor for Seneca Magnet Career Academy's Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) in Louisville, Kentucky. During this period he trained, coached, and mentored around 150 high school Marine Cadets annually. In 2018, he requested a transfer to the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC). First Sergeant Grier subsequently actively pursued and was offered the position as the Naval Science Instructor for the Navarre NJROTC Program. His first year with the Navarre Raider Battalion was the 2018-2019 school year.