Raider Battalion CO, XO, and CMC

Raider Battalion Commanding Officer C/ CDR Urban

I am Cadet Commander Kurt Urban. I've lived in Navarre for six years, and been with the unit for the last four. Before serving as Commander Officer, I have served as Platoon Chief, Educational Services Officer, and with the Admin department.

As the Commanding Officer, I will ensure the unit operates smoothly and efficiently, maintain professional standards and discipline, and give every Cadet in the unit the best experience possible throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

Raider Battalion Executive Officer C/ LCDR Thé

I am Cadet Lieutenant Commander Skylar Thé. I have been in the unit since my freshman year. My past jobs within the unit include being a Platoon Chief and Platoon Commander.

This year, I will be serving as Executive Officer (XO) of the Raider Battalion and I will be overseeing all the department heads and will ensure that their performance are up to standards. I will also strive to maintain and increase morale, safety, discipline, and welfare of all Cadets and staff members in the Raider Battalion.

Raider Battalion Command Master Chief C/ MCPO McMillian

I am Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer Yuah McMillian. I will be serving as Command Master Chief (CMC) of the Raider Battalion for the year 2019-2020. As CMC, I will mostly be mentoring NS1s and Senior Enlisted, ensuring cadets are not having any behavioral issues, and I will be taking charge of disciplinary actions for cadets.

Although I will mostly be mentoring NS1s and Senior Enlisted, I am determined to ensure that every cadet, regardless of their NS level or staff position to feel comfortable coming to me for any rotc related and/or personal concerns they have in order to make this year enjoyable in the Raider Battalion!