NS-1 Camp

NS-1 Camp is designed to give prospective NS-1 Cadets an overview of many facets of the Navarre NJROTC program. During this camp they will have the opportunity to learn basic skills that they will use throughout their four years of NJROTC with the Raider Battalion. This camp is a prerequisite for enrolling in the Naval Science-1 course unless the Cadet is transferring, with good standing, from another JROTC course. During this week-long camp, Cadets start their journey in the program and begin to make life-long friendships.

Camp will run from 0800 (8:00AM) until 1500 (3:00PM), Monday through Friday, July 15th through July 19th. You can arrive at the NJROTC area, located at the southern end of Navarre High School, after 0730 (7:30AM). We will introduce you to everything we do in the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) program, including a field trip and a community service project. Each day you should wear school appropriate clothing suitable for exercise. Tee-shirt, shorts, and running shoes are perfect attire. Eat a healthy and hardy breakfast before arriving and bring a healthy lunch each day, unless told otherwise (we will eat at the galley on NAS Pensacola during a field trip during camp). You will also be required to pay for lunch on the day of the field trip ($5.00). A typical day will begin with the raising of our country’s flag and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as:

A short run and other physical training (PT)

Team Building Games

Platoon Drill


On Friday, the last day of camp, you will be given the opportunity to take the Physical Readiness Evaluation (PRE) and, if you pass, earn your first NJROTC ribbon. You do not have to pass this test to be a part of the NJROTC program! However, if you do pass, you can earn a small device to place on your ribbon depending upon your performance on the timed mile run, the number of cadence sit-ups and number of cadence push-ups you complete properly: a bronze, silver, or gold lamp. All exercises are gender specific, age specific and conducted in accordance with the guidelines provided by the NJROTC program.

A graduation ceremony will be held around 1300 (1:00PM) on the last day of camp at the high school. The Cadets will perform various drill routines and receive awards they earned during camp.

Don’t forget to get your physical examination properly documented on a school specific sports physical form. You cannot participate without a complete and current (2019-2020 school year) physical examination form!

*** Sports Physicals can be downloaded HERE ***