About Navarre NJROTC

What is NJROTC? Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a citizenship awareness, confidence building, and leadership development academic curriculum accredited course sponsored by the United States Navy. Our mission is to motivate young people to become better citizens through the Navy Core Values: Honor, Courage and Commitment. NJROTC builds discipline, confidence in the cadets, and instills an understanding that success is the result of dedication, initiative and self-control. The course stresses good academic standing, as well as a good standing in our school and civic community.

What will I learn? As a cadet you will develop responsibility skills for yourself, fellow cadets, and feel as if you’re part of a team. Our classes include Citizenship, Naval Orientation, Naval Operations/Organization, Naval History, Navigation, Seamanship, Leadership, Nautical Astronomy, Electronics, Oceanography, Drills, Commands, Ceremonies, First Aid, Health, and Physical Fitness.

Who teaches the classes? The Senior Naval Science Instructor, Captain Mike Fisher, is a retired active duty Navy Officer. The Naval Science Instructor, First Sergeant Tim Grier, is a retired active duty Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer. Together they have a combined total of more than 50 years of active duty experience in the United States military and both are certified to teach Naval Science in the State of Florida. The Instructors are equal, integral members of the faculty. The program is led by cadets; taught, guided and mentored by the instructors.

Is NJROTC a regular credited class? Yes. Each year of NJROTC counts as one full elective credit. Two years of Naval Science instruction fulfills the State of Florida's Health required physical education credit as well as a required fine art credit.

How can NJROTC prepare me for College and help me in school? The course stresses individual discipline, responsibility, good grades, and school/community involvement. Success in NJROTC correlates directly with success in other classes. Cadets involved with NJROTC activities have a history of staying in school, graduating on time, and succeeding in their plans after high school. The Navarre Raider Battalion uses a peer mentor program to help tutor other cadets struggling in core curriculum classes, as well as help them determine and reach their goals.

Is NJROTC just a regular classroom course? No. Most of our classes are hands-on and help develop life and social skills. Classes are filled with activities that strengthen a cadet’s confidence and allow for interaction with other cadets and the instructors.

Do I have to join the military? Absolutely Not! NJROTC is not a recruiting tool for the armed forces. There is no obligation or commitment to join the armed forces. However, after being involved in our program many cadets enjoy the military structure and discipline provided at NJROTC and will join the armed forces sometime after graduating from Navarre High School. Some of our cadets will receive appointments to a service academy or ROTC scholarships to a University. Those who do enlist in the armed forces might enter at a higher pay-grade. Our Naval Science Instructors and cadet leaders work to formulate a path to success in any chosen endeavor.

Will I have any fun? If you don't, it’s because you chose not to participate and get the most out of the experience. By participating in practices, community/unit service events, and trips (all optional activities) cadets have fun, make friends and find a gateway to experiences that no other high school program can offer.

Will I need to buy anything? Occasionally, items such as physical training (PT) gear (blue shorts/gold shirt), black socks and white t-shirts for the uniform are required; but, battalion t-shirts, polos, trips, etc. are all optional purchases. The uniform, insignia, textbooks, other instructional material, and competitions are issued/provided by the Navy and through program fundraising. If a cadet loses, breaks, or destroys any issued item, they will have to pay to replace it; however, no cadet will be turned away or denied opportunity because they cannot afford it.

Will I have to wear a Uniform? Yes. On Mondays, each cadet will have to wear their gold battalion PT shirt and blue Navy PT shorts, along with running shoes for our physical training in class. Each cadet must wear the issued Navy Service Uniform on Wednesdays, when they will be inspected during class. The cadets will wear the uniform to school, all day at school, and home from school for a grade. Remaining properly in uniform is an expectation of a successful member in our battalion.

Do I have to cut my hair? Yes. In order to stay in the program, cadets are required by Department of Navy instruction to comply with the grooming standards of the US Navy, as outlined in the Cadet Reference Manual. This includes shaving for the males and hair worn neatly above the collar for the females on uniform days. Proper grooming is an integral component in presenting a sharp, professional appearance in any successful organization.

Can I wear jewelry? While in uniform, the only the jewelry permitted are the ones specified in the Cadet Reference Manual. When not in uniform, school dress code applies.

Is the uniform difficult to care for? No. Just like any nice clothing, it requires occasional dry cleaning and proper hanging between wearing. The uniform issued to each cadet has been dry cleaned. The cadet is responsible for its upkeep, cleaning and proper return at the end of the year.

Will other students make fun of me in uniform? They might; but, those students are usually not confident with themselves, truly involved in the school or understand what the uniform signifies. Our cadets have a strong bond with each other and take pride in wearing their uniform. The faculty at Navarre High School, as well as most students and the greater Navarre community, are extremely supportive of our program and give proper praise and recognition to our cadets, especially while in uniform.

Do Females have equal opportunity? Absolutely. Males and females have equal opportunity to promote, compete, lead, earn awards and participate in anything we do. Leadership and success know no gender.

What do cadet leaders do with us? The cadet leaders are sophomores, juniors and seniors who have displayed the “Honor, Courage, and Commitment” that is necessary for good leaders. Because we are a cadet led program, our cadet leaders act as assistant instructors, drill commanders, inspectors, tutors, mentors and an extension of the instructor’s authority. They set the example for the rest of our cadets.

What are the NJROTC teams I hear so much about? Our teams are voluntary extra-curricular varsity competition teams. The teams include Drill Teams, a Physical Fitness Team, Color Guard, Academics, Orienteering, Cyber Patriot and Air Rifle Teams. Each practice, held before or after school, is cadet selected, run, led, but instructor supervised. The cadets organize the teams and train for competitions held throughout the year. Our teams are considered varsity sports and like any varsity team it takes extra time and commitment from our cadets, as our season is year-round. Also, like other varsity teams, not every cadet will be on the team, at first, but they are encouraged to continue to come to practice and learn - they will have an opportunity to travel as an alternate, and eventually might move up to a primary spot.

Do I have to join a team? No. Teams are strictly voluntary; however, cadets who participate on teams have more opportunities and get the most out of the NJROTC experience. They enjoy the teamwork and camaraderie of membership in an extraordinary group of cadets.

Do we go places? Yes. Along with traveling nationwide for our competition teams, we do several visits to the surrounding military bases each year, as well as an annual trip to spend the night on the USS AALABAMA (BB-60) in Mobile. Parent chaperones attend each trip. Those wishing to be chaperones must have a volunteer form on file.

Can I play a sport or be involved with other programs and still be on a team? Yes. We have several cadets who are varsity athletes or important members in other school programs and teams. We encourage this involvement because we want every cadet to be well-rounded. We will do our best to work with you and your activity's schedule so you can participate. Once your activity's season is over, you should be able to participate fully with our teams.

How do we get promoted and earn awards? Our promotion system is based on your involvement and scores on our promotion tests (PARS) for Petty Officer First Class and below. Some platoon jobs will come with Petty Officer 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Class ranks. Officer and non-commissioned officer ranks are reserved for our cadet leadership. Awards are given out monthly and are earned by involvement with the community, the unit, teams, individual academic standing, and personal/unit achievement.

What are the physical fitness activities? Outside of the Physical Fitness Team practice, each platoon stretches and does calisthenics based upon ability level at the start of each class. Each Monday, platoons will participate in developmental physical training to help each cadet achieve personal fitness goals. On Fridays we play a team sport during the class period. Cadets will have to bring the assigned blue and gold PT gear as well as running shoes on Monday, and civilian PT gear on Fridays, for a grade.

What special events are there? We have several special events that happen throughout the year. Every home football game we do a push-up brigade where cadets will run out onto the field and do pushups for every touchdown our team scores. During the month of October, we take cadets (males one night, females the next) to the USS ALABAMA to spend the night. In December we have the Battalion Christmas party after school in the cafeteria. Each December, we also have our Area Managers’ Inspection (AMI) where our battalion is inspected in the stadium during school by the area manager, or active duty representatives. In February, we have our Military Ball, held at The Soundside Club on Hurlburt Field. And lastly, in May, we have our End-of- Year Awards Ceremony, where the next year’s cadet leadership is announced, and we give out several awards and scholarships to our cadets. AMI and the End-of-Year Awards Ceremony are the only required events.

What do we do for the school? We are always involved in school activities including helping teachers before school, presenting the colors for sporting events, and school clean-ups.

What do we do for the Community? We are very involved in the community. We do countless activities like beach clean-ups, 5K runs, veteran/memorial ceremonies, presenting the colors, helping out at festivals, food drives, and much, much more. These are optional events, but we encourage all cadets to participate as it is a huge part of our mission to make better citizens.