Second Grade

Wellfleet Elementary School


Dear Second Grade Families,

I am excited to provide this class website for you to enjoy special news, announcements, and pictures from our classroom. Enjoy!

My Best,

Colette Demeusy

June 2017 Crossover Ceremony! Spectacular Second Graders!!!! :)

Our Class!!!

Our AWESOME written directions about how to blow a bubble with bubble gum!

The 2nd grade performs the "Boot Scootin' Boogie" at All School Meeting December 15th, 2017!

Our All school Meeting this morning was so delightful! Our class performed a dance, and will teach it to the rest of the school for our "Peace Parade" coming up in the Spring!

Peyton and her Mom

Seamus & Katie with their Mom

Grace & her Mom

Emma & her Mom

Thank you to all of our "Mystery Guest Readers!", (Including Zion's Mom, who is not pictured above!) The remaining spots are all open on "Sign Up Genius"! If anyone would like another turn, please feel free to sign up! Also, if any parents are interested in coming in during our E.L.A. block one morning to help out during Writer's Workshop, I would welcome any volunteers! The time spots are from 8:30-9:15, or 9:30-10:30. Please email me with a day and time in mind if you are interested.

Here is our first informational piece of writing about BEARS! The children read information, organized what they read into categories, created artwork, and followed a graphic organizer to write 3 complete paragraphs!!!

Celebrating the holidays during "Elf Workshops"!

The children were excited to participate in 4 "Elf Workshops" during the month of December with Ms. Shuemaker's 3rd grade! Instead of having one big holiday party, we chose to spread kindness and joy throughout the season by reading holiday stories to the Preschool, adopting another classroom and hanging handmade decorations, watching a holiday movie in our classrooms during lunch time, listening to festive music and decorating Elf Houses for our own little elves, (gifts from Ms. Shuemaker and I)! The children wrote Elf Job Applications to go with this special project!

Reading to Teacher Nancy's preschoolers! :)

Merry Christmas!!!!! A HUGE thank you to Lisa Holmes for making this video with our group during her technology integration class! :))


PANDA-monium WEB

Please check your email to sign up for this exciting event coming up soon! Thank you! :)

January 19, 2018: Our "Spy Day Heart Ambush" mission was a success!!!

READ Across America Week is coming up soon!!!

In second grade, your children are in charge of speaking in to the microphone in the office every morning and every afternoon to announce the special school spirit days for Read Across America Week! All students are encouraged to take a turn; ask your son/daughter which day they have chosen!

Dear Families,

The winter brings many learning opportunities to second grade that are exciting and new! We have started regrouping in addition and subtraction, have learned every part of a 3 paragraph writing piece, and are becoming such fluent readers!!! Your children are able to read fiction and non fiction text and apply many comprehension strategies to their reading. We are learning to become geography experts, and have started writing country reports in preparation for our "Travel the World With Second Grade" Day, which will be on Thursday April 26th, 2018! Mark your calendars! Details will follow! Have a wonderful weekend!

In Learning JOY,

:) Colette

Our special 2nd grade presentation called "Travel the World With Second Grade" is Thursday April 26th, 2018 in the morning! Mark your calendars!

Country Report BONUS project invitations were sent home on Monday. Many of the children have chosen to complete a project for homework! Please contact me with any questions!!! :) We will have a "float parade" outside of our classroom for the month of March! Please stop in to see it! :))

Thank you families for all of your support with our "PANDA-monium" Day!

Our first few paragraphs about panda bears are coming along SO nicely thanks to your support and involvement on Monday at Panda Day! The children were filled with facts to write about after our fun filled morning learning all about pandas! Final drafts will be out in the hallway by Valentine's day; stop by before or after school to read them!

Pajama Snow Day Celebration with grades 3 and 5 !

Working hard on writing our informational 3 paragraph pieces about pandas and tracing famous landmarks for our upcoming research project!

Happy Valentine's Day from Second Grade!

Thank you for helping your children make the most thoughtful Valentines! We had a lovely friendship celebration this morning!!!! :)

Bonus project "Country Floats" arrived last week, and they are AMAZING!!! The kids were SO proud to share their projects with the class! Thank you so much for helping your children; we learned so many facts about the countries they chose, and they look fantastic in the hallway outside of our classroom!

Read Across America Week!

The children had a wonderful time during Read Across America Week participating in all of the dress up opportunities and enjoying our culminating celebration on Friday with 10 learning stations and visits from several special guest readers, Emma's Mom and baby chicks, The Cat in the Hat, and my second grade daughter, Charlotte!

March brings a lot of new learning to our classroom including a math unit on measurement, telling time, shapes, and fractions! We have finished up Unit 3 in E.L.A. and are working on completing our unit tests, writing creative stories based on the book The Turnip, and paying extra close attention to spelling words properly based on everything we've learned about the structural analysis of words, phonics rules and word patterns! We are also working hard on our "Travel The World With Second Grade" projects! I am looking forward to meeting with all of you next week at parent conferences!

Looking for a gift idea for your 2nd grader? Here are some of our favorite 2nd grade math games, Little Passports World Edition, & our awesome Intelliglobe!

April snow showers bringing JoY on the playground for our 2nd graders and new friend, Sterling! Peyton's Mom brings little sister Leah in as a surprise Mystery Guest Reader!