Every Child.. Every Moment.. Every Possibility..

Steinman ECE Teacher

Teaching Motto: Welcome to my classroom where Great Minds Grow! This can happen EVERY CHILD, EVERY MOMENT, and DURING EVERY POSSIBILITY!

Your Teacher's Background -


My name is Lisa Steinman and I am an Early Childhood Educator. I love working with children in Kindergarten. In the past, I have also worked with children in Kinder to third. This has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. I have been teaching in Early Childhood since 2013. I also have worked with kids through various other areas and fields. This includes all child based projects while I was in the field of travel, supervisor, and various jobs. I have always felt a passion for seeing that lightbulb going off when the student gets something during a lesson. Finally, I have worked with students one on one as a paraprofessional to teaching in my own classroom. I know what it takes to make the students understand. I can do this because of my own belief, " The only thing that is true 100% of the time is Change." Education is something that not only my class must embark on, but myself as well. As a child I had learning disabilities that proved to be a challenge and helped me eventually in my future.

I am also a mom of three children and pet owner. Their names are Karla, Aaron, and Jackie. I am also a pet owner. I have 3 dogs, 2 Kittens, and the 2 pet class hamsters. Their names (dogs) are: Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Buzz (Buzz Lightyear), and Oreo. They are truly an extension of my family as well.

Finally, I have many different fields that I have an education in. First, I received a travel degree from American Express Travel School in Business and Travel Leisure. I also received various credits through business class as well at various locations such as Lake Havasu City and Phoenix. Third, I received my Associate In Elementary Education and became the first Elementary Education Hall of Fame Student at Estrella Mountain Community College. I then transferred to Northern AZ University were I obtained my Bachelors in Elementary Education and various classes in Early Childhood. Lastly, I recently graduated GCU, with two Masters Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Special Education with a focus on K-3.

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Email : Lsteinm@Avondale.K12.AZ.US

Classroom Phone # : 623-772-4122

School Site: http://ct.avondale.k12.az.us/Teacher_pages/ms__steinman

School Site:http://www.avondale.k12.az.us/